Can An Aeron Office Chair Really Correct Back Pain And Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Aeron® Chair In Use At Envelope Desk

Aeron® Chair In Use At Envelope Desk

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is in all probability the most popular office chair ever made and remains a firm favorite with both existing owners as well as those who desire to possess one.

Those who most aspire to own one are often suffering from a lot of back pain and or upper leg discomfort mainly as a result of sitting in cheap poorly designed chairs for too many years.

And yet despite its obvious attractions many worry about whether it will solve their posture problems and if it really is worth the investment, after all with an entry level price of over $600 it certainly isn't cheap. As a result it will often be beyond the reach of those wanting it most who sometimes end up resorting to buying a second hand model which in itself can create potential problems as the 12 year manufacturer's warranty is lost.

As with any quality ergonomic chair it ultimately needs to be seen as an investment in the user's long term healthy comfort, something designed to give many years good service and this can be difficult to appreciate if you have always been used to buying low cost budget chairs. However once you make the change the benefits of functions like its open mesh suspension system upholstery will quickly become apparent, especially for those inclined to sweat.

Setting to one side the issue of price for a moment, there is little doubt it can bring major benefits to those suffering pain and discomfort with users reporting how they are able to work long hours every day in comfort and without the constant pains and aches they previously had to put up with.

These users find they are able to become nicely balanced in the chair and get far more done as their concentration and comfort levels improve significantly.

With that said the Aeron is not without its detractors, some don't like its firm pellicle mesh seat pad, also quite a number complain about leg discomfort when sitting, however a lot of this is a result of incorrect chair size selection as there are 3 Aeron chair sizes and care needs to be taken to get this right.

This task chair comes in two versions, the highly adjustable Aeron or loaded version which offers a lot more flexibility and the basic model where certain key functions aren't included.

Additional customization is possible with extra features like PostureFit control which allows users to more effectively fine tune the chair's back to their personal needs improving back support comfort in place of the standard lumbar support which many find uncomfortable in use.

For people working at higher than normal work surfaces where a desk chair is unsuitable there is a stool version with a footring.

To discover more about the various models and options, here are some useful links to further in depth coverage.

It's also worth looking at alternative models as well as Herman Miller's Embody chair which has been well received and is gaining in popularity as the natural replacement for the Aeron.

Where To Buy Online

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