Diffrient World Chair Review

Diffrient World Chair

Diffrient World Chair

People who find all the levers and knobs on typical office chairs a pain will appreciate the way the Diffrient World automatically takes care of the adjustments. Apart from the seat height you just sit and its self-activating mechanisms follow your every move and support you correctly.

So if the usual row of levers confuses you then you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

Coming up with these kinds of design innovations takes time. Humanscale asked its long term design consultant Neils Diffrient to produce a chair that was simple to use whilst offering great support.

And he spent nearly 10 years refining his design to reach the end product. All users need to do is set the seat height and depth to their preferences and the chair then takes over placing your body in the optimal working position. This frees you up to get on with your work and confident the chair is taking care of your body.

Careful design has reduced the number of different components down to just eight and this helps to keep the cost of manufacture down. Its also an eco friendly chair as some 95% of its parts are recyclable.

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What Else Is Different About the Diffrient?

Adjustable lumbar supports are part of most quality office chairs and yet the Diffrient World doesn't have one. It’s this desire to always look for another way of achieving good support which has enabled the designer to come up with a better solution to back support.

Diffrient World Chair Green

Diffrient World Chair In Use At Workstation

So the usual plastic lumbar molding which can cause discomfort is absent. In its place comes a form sensing mesh upholstery. However unlike other mesh backs this one is composed of three separate layers of a unique mesh. These are then neatly interwoven to form a 3 dimensional support. What this does is give far superior support when compared to single meshes, because it doesn't stretch. Instead it adjusts to your body movements and displaces so that excellent support is constantly provided.

Another great design detail is the seat with its frameless front edge. Hence there aren't any harsh plastic bearers digging into the backs of your legs. The combination of supportive mesh and a gentle waterfall shaping keeps the seat comfortable all day. And as the mesh has low abrasion, your clothing won’t suffer premature wear.

Letís turn to the technical specification next.

Technical Information And Dimensions

This chair is suitable for a wide range of different users. It works well for users from a 6’ 4’’ male down to a 5’ 0’’ woman with a maximum user weight of 300 lbs down to just 100 lbs.

Seat width is 21’’ and by using the push button control underneath it the depth can be set anywhere between 16.5’’ and 20’’ which will allow virtually anyone to set the ideal leg length for true leg comfort. The seat can be covered with an upholstered fabric or 3 ply mesh.

When it comes to seat height there is a comprehensive range of choice. First the standard gas lift will take care of most people as it adjusts between 16’’ and 21’’, however for short people there is a low cylinder which goes down to 15.25’’. For those who work at higher surfaces there is high cylinder which goes up to 28.5’’.

In terms of arms the Diffrient World is offered with no arms, fixed or adjustable arms. It’s best to avoid fixed arms and adjustable arms are the best option. These have a height adjustability range of 3.25’’. It’s also possible to specify advanced arms where the rests swivel inwards by up to 35°. For narrow shouldered people this is worth considering as the normal width between the adjustable arms is 19’’ and so you could find you have to place your arms wider than you might like.

Chair back size is 19’’ by 19’’ and reclines to a maximum of 22° as well as an extra 7° of backrest tilt. This makes it a great chair for relaxing and reclining in. And you will find the movement is very smooth and supportive thanks to the chair’s automatic tension control.

The chair moves easily as it is fitted with 3’’ diameter casters on its 24’’ diameter base. For hard floor users there are alternative casters and even static glides for anyone working in a fixed position.

As a mark of confidence the Diffrient World comes with a 15 year 24/7 warranty, clearly the chair is expected to last for a long time.

Overall Assessment

The Diffrient World is essentially a very simple chair to operate. Through careful detailing, its designer has managed to reduce the number of components down to just 8. And by using advanced plastics the finished product only weighs 27 lbs, considerably less than typical office chairs.

In use the chair works very smoothly and the support from the 3 layer mesh is excellent.

However some people will prefer to have a chair they can make individual adjustments too. So anyone who likes to be able to tweak controls may decide an automated chair like the Diffrient isn’t for them.

This is the third and most sophisticated chair that Neils Diffrient has designed for Humanscale and overall it represents a great example of modern chair design.

Where To Buy Online

The full range of options if offered by this Humanscale online specialist on the Diffrient World and includes free shipping and 30 day return period too.

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