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Generation by Knoll™ Showing Flexible Sitting Positions

You choose how to sit in the Generation by Knoll™ move and it responds with none of the usual restrictions common to so many office chairs, as Knoll™ says of its NeoCon Gold 2009 award winner - "Refuse to be still"

In designing the Generation, it sought to come up with an office chair which was radically different yet retaining a wide appeal for most office workers and most definitely not just another chair, a product for pretty much anyone weighing up to 300lbs.

One again a creative alliance with New Zealand designers Formway was set up with the brief to create something new and original capable of working in total harmony with people's body movements and no need for re-adjusting for variation of position.

Generation chair recline

Reclining in a Generation Chair

Knoll™ discovered from extensive studies into how modern office workers interact with their work and colleagues that the established idea of sitting upright at a computer desk really didn't apply and instead people working in offices actually move and change position a lot more frequently than previously thought.

As a result by taking advantage of the latest developments in elastomers and plastics it has been possible to produce a chair which moves in harmony with its user gives good healthy support and won't cause discomfort because some component got in the way.

Utilizing these latest developments meant using an advanced polymer commonly found in washing machine door hinges, in an entirely new way resulting in giving the Generation chair a number of unique advantages.

Generation chair sideview

Generation Flex back in action

Take the flex seat for example it recognizes when you change position and allows not only the front edge but also the side edges to yield by up to 270 meaning that you won't run into any harsh edges or arms digging into you as you continue to sit in comfort.

Then there is the flex back with its multidimensional back and top support, sit back and let it carry your back in comfort as it responds to any movement you care to make. With the flex top if you fancy resting your arms over the top it moves down by up to 90 if necessary still giving comfortable support.

And because all these new materials come with inbuilt memory as soon as the weight is taken off them they return to their original position automatically and ready for your next move.

So let's take a look at the technical aspects of the chair.

Technical Details & Warranty

The entry level Generation by Knoll™ chair comes without arms and has a plastic 5 star base. Arm comfort can be improved by adding adjustable arms and these adjust overall by 4 inches from 6.9 to 10.8 inches. An upgrade to high performance arms offers width adjustment of 1 inch per arm, also 1.5 inches in depth front to back as well as a pivot angle up to 45, this is beneficial for people having narrow shoulders.

The all important ability for adjusting seat depth allows users to gain perfect leg length adjustment with a generous 3 inch range from 15 to 18 inches depth.

Seat height adjustment caters for a wide range of different user heights thanks to a choice of 3 sizes of gas cylinder.

  • Low cylinder adjusts between 15 and 19.5 inches
  • Medium cylinder adjusts between 16.5 and 21.75 inches
  • High cylinder adjusts between 17.75 and 23.25 inches

What size should you pick? Stand in bare feet and measure from floor to the inside of knee joint and then select the cylinder having the widest adjustment above and below this measurement.

The chair back comes in one size which is 24 inches high by 19.375 inches wide and is designed to safely support your back movements removing the need for any height adjustment. Also its dynamic suspension control offers extraordinary flexibility letting you set recline tension and angle by up to 15 as well as resting arms over the back if the mood takes you when the top half of the back simply molds to the position you have adopted.

User adjustments are straightforward and usually a one time setting, these include:

  • Seat height via a lever on the right underside
  • Seat depth via a lever on the left underside
  • Back rest tilt and tension through 3 setting lever towards rear underside

Remaining settings are dynamic meaning the chair thinks for you and moves as you move giving safe comfortable support.

Optional extras include a lumbar support which slides in a track giving individual user adjustment, this shouldn't really be required. The seat pad infill is offered in 2 versions and both cost the same, the normal one is the standard thickness Ultra seat foam (USF). This can be substituted with the Thin seat foam (TSF) which is a slim line foam designed to enhance the chair's appearance, it is probably best avoided unless you like a firm seat pad.

The 5 star base can be upgraded to polished aluminum giving a classier appearance.

Chair framing comes in either dark or light finish with the flex back mesh from a choice of 9 colors - dark, medium or light gray, beige, green, brown, red, blue and black with a complimentary range of fabrics for the seat pad.

The product is carries a 10 year 24 hour 7 days a week multi-shift use warranty with exception of the upholstery which has 3 years cover and is in line with other chair manufacturers' upholstery cover.

Overall Assessment

It's clear the Generation by Knoll™ has been carefully designed to cater for the wide range of different ways its survey show that people sit and interact with colleagues during the working day. This new fluid way of working will be a welcome change for office workers used to their chair controlling them instead of it adjusting to them and so may take some getting used to. It is a trend in modern chair design which is likely to become more commonplace in the future.

Where To Buy Online

This site offers keen pricing and quick shipping on the Knoll™ Generation with free shipping to the US mainland and a 30 day return policy too.

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