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Capisco Chair
Capisco Chair
5 Stars Rating

The Capisco from HÅG really is a unique seating design, on the one hand you could say it's a chair but equally you could just as easily say it's a stool. In truth it's both, its huge versatility enables it to act as either depending on how you use it.

It has a huge range of height adjustability making it suitable for both normal desk use as well as sit and stand use.

It's offered in several variations, with or without backrest that combines the armrests too. It even has an adjustable headrest if you want one. Adjustability options are exceptional, there are just so many ways you can sit in a Capisco.

If you like to vary your seating position frequently or work at unusual work surface heights the Capisco is worth serious consideration.

Capisco Puls
Capisco Puls Chair
5 Stars Rating

The Capisco Puls is the 2012 version of the well established HĀG Capisco chair.

It still retains the same mechanism and operates in the same way. What's different about it is the finishes to the seat and back. Designer Peter Opsvik has given the Capisco's traditional foam and fabric seat pad and back support a makeover. The Puls instead uses new molded polyurethane for both the seat and back.

This gives it two distinct benefits. First, it's more user friendly with over 95% of the chair now being recyclable. Second it now means the chair costs about 16% less than the original version with no loss of features or functions.

And the seat still has a foam insert for user comfort.

Varier Move Chair
Move Chair
5 Stars Rating

Varierís Move™ chair is an excellent choice for sit stand workers. Its huge range of height adjustability makes it highly adaptable particularly when working in a semi standing posture

Although it doesnít have a wheeled base, you'll soon get used to its curved wooden bottom which is very easy to move around your desk with.

The triangular shaped seat pad is great to perch on while working

Swopper Stool
5 Stars Rating

The Swopper may look a little odd but in reality it is beautifully engineered seat originating from Germany.

The revolutionary design has been carefully thought out with the stool being supported on a very stable metal base.

It's operated by sitting on the seat and allowing it to lean forwards using its heavy duty spring to work in conjunction with your body weight. This means that you have to use your legs actively when sitting in it, although it sounds a bit complicated it's actually quite easy once you get used to it.

Provided that arms aren't important to you and you are happy with a more active type of seating, the Swopper is well worth considering.

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat
Saddle seat
5 Stars Rating

The Saddle seat a very simple design, there are only 3 components, swivel base, gas lift and the saddle.

The heart of the product is in the design of the saddle, which has been carefully sculpted to encourage healthy sitting and posture with the added benefit of minimizing pressure on the back of the legs.

Set up couldn't be simpler, the only adjustment needed is the working height. It doesn't come with arms, but this is actually a benefit as it enables you to get in really close to your desk if you choose to.

It is offered for standard height use with the option of an extended gas lift for higher work surfaces.

If you like an active seating posture, or need to move quickly between adjacent work areas the Saddle would be a great choice.

Evolution Ball Chair
Evolution ball
4.5 Stars Rating

The Evolution Ball Chair is designed for use by people weighing up to 300 lbs. It comes with a set of additional height adjusters allowing users over 6 foot tall to raise the base by 2 inches.

The chair has been officially recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and it is popular with dentists and chiropractors as well as office and home office users.

And if you like the idea of keeping fit it even includes a set of exercises you can do to keep fit.

BalanceBall Chair
Balanceball chair
4 Stars Rating

The BalanceBall Chair is intended to be an alternative office seat for people who find standard office chairs uncomfortable and are looking for a healthy and interactive office seating alternative.

It's a good choice for anyone between 5 foot and 5 foot 11 inches and will safely support those weighing up to 300 lbs. It's unsuitable if you don't meet these criteria.

The BalanceBall Chair is very competitively priced and most users report finding it comfortable.

Conversely, the backrest isn't very comfortable and height adjustment can only be controlled by the level of inflation of the ball, it's probably best if your less than 5 foot 8 inches as taller users have had issues with the height.

If you're over 5 foot 8 inches you're probably best looking at the Ergo or Sit-A-Round Chair.

Ergo Ball Chair
Ergo ball chair
4 Stars Rating

The Ergo Ball Chair is made up from a heavy duty inflatable ball that locates into a tubular steel frame with casters to the base and padded arms at the top.

The ball is simply inflated to the correct level for the user's seating comfort and the padded arm rests provide additional support.

The seat encourages a dynamic sitting position where you need to use your abdominal and leg muscles to maintain good seating posture. This takes some getting used to but once your muscles become strengthened it should become second nature.

Despite its odd appearance, the Ergo offers a practical alternative to traditional office seating.

Ball Dynamics Chair
Ball Dynamics Chair
3.5 Stars Rating

The Ball Dynamics Chair was developed as a concept from a Swiss exercise ball, it seemed a logical progression to develop it into a ball chair to promote healthy seating.

It has a slightly odd appearance with its short legs fitted with casters and the curved metal backrest support extending up from the base.

However, it is a popular choice in this type of seating and as with other models you just need to inflate it to the required height for your seating comfort. It is designed to support users up to a weight of 220 lbs, which is in line with conventional office seating.

Ergon 3 Drafting Chair
Ergon 3 Drafting Chair
4.5 Stars Rating

Herman Miller introduced the Ergon 3 over 30 years ago as a top level drafting chair and it still holds this position today.

It is a very well engineered seat, built to a very high standard, unlike so many drafting chairs which tend to be low quality products based around standard chairs with extended gas lifts and foot rings.

The Ergon is and has been designed as the perfect chair for working at higher works surfaces like drawing and layout boards or bench work. It has good adjustability with a good backrest support.

So, if you like conventional office seating, but need to be able to work at a high surface, the Ergon is your ideal choice.

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