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Product Name Review Summary
Variable Balans Kneeling Chair
Balans kneeling chair
5 Stars Rating
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The Variable Balans is the original design of Kneeling Chair created by Peter Opsvik in the 1970s and remains highly popular with people who find conventional office chairs uncomfortable.

The chair works well for all types of sitting office working being the most popular, around the home it's great for providing a different way of sitting e.g. in the dining room, playing the piano, reading a book or watching TV.

It encourages a healthy dynamic seating position allowing users to vary the way you are sitting quickly and easily. Weighing a mere 13 pounds it is ultra portable too.

Thatsit Balans Kneeling Chair
Thatsit Balans kneeling chair
5 Stars Rating
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Thatsit Balans takes the idea of the Variable Balans Kneeling Chair and adds some great extra functionality.

Adjustable knee rests mean adults both large and small even kids 10 years old and upwards can set the kneeling position to suit their perfect personal posture.

Seat depth adjusts to help gain greater comfort also if you elect to add a back rest this will adjust too so your ThatSit can be custom fitted to your body.

There are so many ways to sit on the Thatsit Balans and they can all help you to keep healthy and active while you work.  

Multi Balans Kneeling Chair
Multi Balans kneeling chair
5 Stars Rating
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The Varier Multi Balans is a great Kneeling Chair and has some useful features and functions which will appeal to people who are looking for a seat which is easily height adjustable and compact .

One of its useful advantages is it folds and can be hung on a wall when not in use so releasing valuable space for those who have limited room.

Also, being foldable makes it easy to carry the chair to where you need to use it, from room to room or between home and office.

Wing™ Balans Chair
Wing Balans kneeling chair
5 Stars Rating
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Varier’s Wing™ Balans® is a great choice for anyone who fancies the idea of a highly mobile kneeling seat.

It’s height adjustable seat and leg cushion (knee pads) make it ideal for a wide variety of user heights and sizes. It’s particularly useful for slightly higher than normal work surfaces and will work well up to 36 inches high.

It’s a beautifully made product engineered to a high standard and its wooden finish looks great in almost any work environment, whether at home or in the office.

Jobri Kneeling Chair
Jobri Standard kneeling chair
3 Stars Rating
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US based Jobri produces its BetterPosture Kneeling Chairs in three metal framed versions, the Standard and Solace as well as the Jazzy, which is basically an enhanced version of the Solace. All are height adjustable, the Standard version is done manually whereas the Solace and Jazzy models have a pneumatic gas lift.

All models are competitively priced and will appeal to those wanting to try out a Kneeling Chair without spending a huge amount to do so. They also produce a wood framed chair the BetterPosture Classic which is reviewed below.

Some user reviews complain about the fixing bolts working loose and this does appear to be an issue which is why our rating has been reduced

Jobri Classic Kneeling Chair
JWood Accent kneeling chair
2.5 Stars Rating
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The Jobri Classic Kneeling seat is Jobri's top of the range knee chair and is really a wooden version of the standard metal framed model.

The main advantage is that it looks better in wood, rather than black painted steel, however in use it won't be very different.

The chair is delivered flat pack so self assembly is necessary, but it's easy to build.

If you find black metal finishes unattractive, this wooden offering from Jobri may well be more appealing.

There appears to be issues with this product where fixing bolts and wheels are working loose according to user reviews which is why our rating has been reduced.

Kneelsit Kneeling Chair
Kneelsit kneeling chair
5 Stars Rating
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The Kneelsit isn't perhaps the most attractive looking Kneeling Chair, however it is readily adjustable to individual user's needs and will work well with a standard height desk or even watching TV.

Unlike some Kneeling Chairs it allows the user to sit for long periods without tiring as well as easily maintaining a comfortable seating position.

It can be adjusted to suit any user between 5 foot and 6 foot 8 inches in height. Its adjustable back support is a great feature which allows you to properly support your lower back.

When correctly adjusted the user should feel balanced so that as they move forwards or backwards the chair goes with them, this is what Kneelsit terms as Equipoise.

If you value comfort more than looks the Kneelsit Kneeling Chair will work well for you.

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