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The scrolling page below includes a short summary of the key benefits of the different models of Aeron® and Embody™ chair, with a rating score out of 5.

Beginning with the top of the range Aeron®, which is the ultimate in ergonomic office chair design and comfort and continuing through the different options down to the basic Aeron®. Also included are the Aeron® work stool and the Aeron® side chair followed by the Embody™ chair.

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Product Name Review Summary
Aeron® Executive Chair
Aeron Executive
5 Stars Rating
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This is the ultimate Aeron® model and has pretty much everything included, here's what it comes with.

Polished aluminum base with graphite frame, looks great!

Available in 3 sizes (A, B, or C) - gives the perfect fit for your comfort

Kinemat® tilt has the body naturally pivot at the ankles, knees and hips

Choice of adjustable lumbar support or optional PostureFit back support system, for supreme comfort

Choose from 13 lightweight, breathable Pellicle® fabrics, distributes your weight evenly over the chair's seat and back

Fully Adjustable arms with black non-upholstered armpads

Choice of standard carpet casters, hard floor casters, or deep carpet casters

This is a great choice if you have the budget.

Aeron® Loaded Chair
Aeron Loaded
5 Stars Rating
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The loaded or highly adjustable model is probably the most popular choice of Aeron®.

The only significant difference between it and the top specification model is that it has either a graphite or titanium base.

Otherwise, it comes with all the top model features and if you're not too concerned about a polished aluminum base, you'll make a significant cost saving to boot.

This is the best value for features Aeron®

Aeron® Basic Chair
Aeron Basic
4 Stars Rating
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The basic represents the entry level model, so if you're on a tight budget then you'll perhaps need to start here.

The key differences between it and the higher specified Aerons are that it has fixed arms, includes tilt tension adjustment but excludes the tilt limiter and forward tilt functions.

Lumbar support can be included for a small on-cost but PostureFit® isn't available.

Aeron® Work Stool
Aeron Stool
5 Stars Rating
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The stool is a relatively recent addition to the Aeron® range and is ideal for anyone that has to work at higher work surfaces typically found in labs, hospitals, workshops etc.

The main difference with the stool is that it has a footring for foot support when working at higher levels.

There are 2 choices of stool height, with a single seat size but otherwise the features are the same as the highly adjustable and basic chairs.

Aeron® Side Chair
Aeron Side Chair
5 Stars Rating
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The side chair is designed to be a meeting or guest chair and comes in a single seat size based on the most popular B size chair.

Built around a simple cantilever tubular steel frame, it has Pellicle upholstery and the only add on item is a lumbar support should you require it.

It makes the perfect choice to complete an Aeron® seating suite.

Embody Chair
5 Stars Rating
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Herman Miller's Embody chair will appeal to those who are looking for a different type of seating experience and like the thought of a chair in which you seem to be floating.

The revolutionary Backform support is designed to follow and support every move you make no matter how small, so you are always comfortably and properly supported.

It is upholstered with a breathable fabric which isn't as harsh as mesh so you get better seating comfort and don't find yourself feeling uncomfortably warm on hot summer days.

The Embody comes in one size and by selecting the gas lift which is best for your body size you will be able to work in greater comfort and be more productive.

It has the Miller vote of confidence with a 12 year 3 shift warranty so you can be confident it's designed to last and give you years of comfortable service.

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