VDU Arms and Accessories Can Save Space, Boost Productivity and Relieve Eye Strain

In this article, I'm taking a quick look at how we can improve our interaction with the computer screen and ideas that can free up desk space, allowing more efficient working and giving your tired eyes a bit of a break.

LCD Computer Monitor Arms

Monitor arms have been around for many years and whilst they're a great idea, they haven't really taken off as they deserve to. Older models, which were designed to support traditional cathode ray tube monitors, were fairly heavy duty things, as they needed to carry a fair amount of weight.

Increased popularity of flat-panel screens has meant a new generation of support arms have been introduced which aren't nearly as bulky as the earlier ones. Screens simply attach to most arms by the industry standard, four-point VESA fixing points, with the arm attaching to the rear of the desk.

With the endless variation of adjustments, getting your screen positioned in the ideal working position is dead easy, with the added advantage of freeing up a lot of valuable desk space. Once you've used a screen arm, the inflexibility of having a static screen set in the middle of your desk is quickly apparent.

Laptop Holders For The Office And Car

Laptops are very popular, particularly with people who need to be mobile in their work, and although they're great for portability, they're less than ideal from an ergonomic viewpoint. Due to the design, it's virtually impossible to get the screen set to the correct viewing height and so most users end up looking down on their work and putting their neck and shoulders in a situation of constant strain.

Fortunately, there are now a number of innovative laptop holders allowing users to set the screen at the correct viewing height. Some of these involve using a separate keyboard, as they no longer allow access to the laptop's keyboard. This isn't really a problem and once set up, people find that they work much more healthfully and productively using their laptop.

Road warriors find a laptop holder designed for use in the car is a great way of boosting comfort when keying in data on the hoof.

Anti-Glare Screens Make The Invisible Visible

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to read or see what's on your computer screen due to glare problems. This can arise from a number of sources with sunshine and poorly designed lighting being the main culprits.

Whenever possible, always sit with the outside windows in front of you rather than to your back to avoid glare from the sun. Anti-glare screens have special coatings, sometimes on both sides, this can reduce glare very significantly. They generally clip on to your VDU screen, so aren't difficult to fit.

Summing Up

This has just covered some brief points about the various accessories available. For coverage of them in greater depth, begin with this page.

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