Laptop Holders Are The Healthy Way To Work With Portable Computers

Laptops are cheaper than ever and their use instead of conventional PCs looks like a trend that is set to stay. There's no doubting the flexibility and portability of laptops, particularly for people who travel in business, and yet their design is actually quite poor ergonomically from the user's point of view. This is mainly due to the viewing height of the screen when placed on the desk. It inevitably forces people to look down on the screen and set their neck and shoulders in a position of poor posture.

Should you raise the laptop up, it will then place the arms and wrists in a poor posture. So the benefit to the neck and shoulders comes at the expense of your arms and wrists, although some suppliers have produced a compromise solution, as you will see below.


Workrite offers their portable laptop station, which actually holds the laptop at an angle which can be adjusted from flat to 30 degrees.

This allows people to raise the screen by about six inches to give an improved viewing angle, at the same time allowing reasonable keying comfort by resting the elbows on the edge of the desk and angling arms and hands forward.

The unit includes a gel pack to help cushion the wrists. People using it for long periods of time, would probably want a gel pack to place on the front of the desk for arm comfort. The Workrite allows good circulation to dissipate processor heat and carries a five year warranty.

Rolodex Holder

Rolodex Mesh Laptop Stand is a more basic holder, built on similar lines and has a perforated steel platform to allow good air circulation and includes a cable organizer.

However, gel pads aren't included with it, which may be a drawback, although it would be easy to add them.

Notebook Holder

Humanscale produce the Notebook Manager which requires a separate keyboard when using it as the holder obscures the laptop's built in keyboard. This is actually a better way to work because it allows people to type as they normally would. The holder allows the screen to be raised five inches and also includes a 360-degree swivel base, which is handy when working with colleagues you need to show the screen to.

It's supplied with a cable tidy for cable management as well as a Kensington locking point for security, and non-skid pads keeping the unit firmly located on the desk. Here are links to where the Workrite, Rolodex and Humanscale laptop products can be found and bought online.