Humanscale M2 LCD Monitor Arm Review

M2 Monitor Arm Extended

Humanscale M2 Arm Extended

In many ways the Humanscale M2 monitor arm has redefined what makes the perfect VDU support. The first thing which strikes you about the M2 is its beautifully sleek design and this has been achieved by using an innovative spring mechanism to control vertical movement.

This is a far better solution compared with the traditional gas lift mechanism which often fails with extended use.

The other thing is its sheer ease of use it literally allows the user to move their monitor to exactly where it's wanted whenever you need to.

M2 Monitor Arm Rear

Humanscale M2 Arm Rear View

Environmental friendliness is a key feature of the M2 as it is made from 52% recycled aluminum and is 99% recyclable, although it will probably be a very long time before that is needed as it carries a 15 year 24/7 warranty and comes close to being indestructible in use.

The arm has been well received in the market and picked up a gold award at NeoCon 2009 in Chicago in June.

It's clear a good deal of design input has gone into this Humanscale arm, not only in the overall look and function but also the neat way the monitor cables are fed through the arm. The cables feed into a retaining clip near the base and then into the lower support of the arm continuing on along the underside of the upper support before fixing into the monitor's connectors.

Technical Details

The arm is designed to support 95% of flat panel monitors in use today and can handle screens weighing up to 20 pounds and with a diagonal dimension up to 24 inches.

It is VESA compatible and if required Mac users can get a mount adapter from the Apple store.

Adjustability covers a wide ranging 10 inches of vertical height adjustment with the arm being extendable from 0-20 inches in depth, this means it should be simple to position your monitor wherever you require it.

There is a choice of fixing arrangements including a simple desk clamp mount or grommet as well as a desktop bolt-through mount, with the arm only weighing 5 pounds you shouldn't find you're struggling to support it when fitting it to a desktop with the desk clamp mount.

Finishes and Warranty

Arms come in 2 finish options, polished aluminum with white trims or silver with grey trims.

Warranty covers 15 years of 24/7 use underlining Humanscale's faith in the product.

Overall Assessment

This is a beautifully crafted monitor arm which sets a new standard in arm design, performance and durability. The elimination of the traditional gas lift height control with the virtually indestructible mechanical spring really is a significant advance in arm design and operation.

Maybe some will feel it is a little expensive and there are clearly cheaper arms available nonetheless when you take into account its daily cost over the guaranteed lifetime is a shade over 6 cents a day it offers great long term value.

If you would like to find out more about the M2 this online specialist store offers great pricing on the arm and free shipping and a 30 day return policy.