Is Glare Affecting Your Eyesight? An Anti-Glare Filter Will Take Shine From Your Screen

People who have issues with glare on their PC screen which can't be eliminated by moving their workstation or altering the lighting, may well discover a glare filter could prove to be very beneficial. Be aware, there is a world of difference between a cheap budget filter and a top-of-the-range screen filter. This is all to do with the quality of the coating; in fact, some of the cheapest ones are little more then tinted plastic sheets in a frame that should be avoided.

Humanscale Filter

Another added advantage of some of the better filters is the inclusion of privacy coatings where, unless you are facing the screen directly, the data displayed can't be viewed by anyone else. Humanscale has two levels of glass screen intended for flat-panel monitors-the standard glare filter and the privacy glare filter. Both are quality products designed to fit screens with diagonal dimensions between 15 and 21 inches.

They are made from optical safety glass and meet the American Optometric Association requirements for long-term eye protection, so can be confident their eyes aren't at risk using them. They have six layers of optical coatings on each side of the screen, designed to reduce glare by 99%. The privacy model has the added security benefit of protecting what is on your screen from prying eyes.

3M Laptop Filter

Laptop glare filters are also available and 3M makes an extensive range of frameless glare screens specifically for use with laptops. These filters are generally sold by size, based on popular laptop screen sizes and include privacy filtering for added security.

Fellowes Glare Filter

Fellowes also markets a wide range in glare filters for both flat-panel monitors and conventional CRT monitors. Follow these links to find more details on the Humanscale, 3M and Fellowes screen filters.