Replace The Bad Habits Compromising Your Office Working Health

It's very easy to overlook healthy office work practices as everyone is under more and more pressure to meet deadlines, complete major tasks and catch up with their workload.

It's a fact that it's far easier to slip into bad habits and unwittingly compromise our health and wellbeing than it is to take advantage of new healthier office working habits. The good news is there is actually a very simple early warning system continually nagging you to implement better office work habits and it's called pain.

Become Aware of Your Body and What It's Telling You

Stiff Neck

When you're experiencing pain working at your computer desk, it may well be as a result of poor posture and the way you're carrying out your tasks. Remember, when things aren't right, the body's natural defense is to send out pain signals as a warning that you need to address things.

Very often, it can be something really simple to correct. Maybe you have pain in your lower arms and hands. Chances are that you're overreaching and stretching awkwardly while working. Always avoid undue stretching when using your keyboard and mouse make sure they are readily accessible.

Shoulder back and neck pain may be due to your monitor being too far away, resulting in you craning forward. An arm's length is a good starting distance. When you've been working solidly for a long period of time, get up and take a quick walk to stretch and ease your aching limbs. Some simple exercises can be beneficial too, always pay heed to what your body is telling you.

Are You Someone Who Finds Office Work Causes Stress or Headaches?

Perhaps you have important deadlines to meet in your work and you're getting a bit stressed out, maybe suffering with headaches too. A lot of the time, you can correct things by taking control of your circumstances instead of letting them take control of you. Begin by checking you're properly seated in your office chair and your keyboard and mouse are close at hand and readily reachable.

When you need to get that key report written, consider ways you can help to make this easier. Begin by putting phone calls on voice mail and set aside time later when you'll deal with them.

Resolve to check your e-mails once or twice a day and switch off all visual and auditory notifications, as it will make you edgy knowing there are messages that have arrived and you won't be acting on them until later.


Still got problems? Look a little deeper, frequent headaches may be due to eye strain. Do you need to have your eyes tested? Is your monitor screen clean, or is it smudgy with fingerprints and marks, making it awkward to read?

Is lighting glare causing a problem? If so, maybe a glare filter or even a monitor arm could help reduce the problems. Take regular, short breaks and change your visual focus.

Your eyes are controlled by muscles and just like the other parts of your body benefit from exercise. This can be readily achieved while sitting in your office chair simply looking up at the ceiling, down at the floor and side to side will help keep your eyes healthy.

So, why not begin today? Start by choosing some simple exercises to boost those tired aching muscles and get them toned up for that heavy workload, here are some handy exercise routines to try.

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