Review Of HeadFloater™ - A Unique Tool For Neck And Shoulder Pain

There is no shortage of gadgets these days to help ease the aches and pains of modern living.


HeadFloater™ In Use

Some offer a degree of relief and others turn out to be gimmicks that offer little benefit.

So, it’s great to come across a product that really does help address one of the biggest postural problems today, head positioning.


With the explosion in use of smart phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices craning and placing our head at a forward angle affects nearly everyone.


This misalignment places huge stresses on the muscles supporting the head.

Your head weighs around 10 to 12 pounds. However, for every inch you crane your head forwards it adds an additional 10 pounds to the load those poor neck and back muscles have to carry.

Enter HeadFloater™ a simple awareness device that helps strengthen the muscles supporting the head as well as training the body to be more conscious of their head posture.

The video below demonstrates how simple and easy HeadFloater™ is to use.

Who is is for?

When you consider that some 90% of the population is estimated to have some degree of head misalignment, the good news is it will help pretty much anyone. And those who spend time interacting with phones, computers and tablets will find the soothing exercises a brilliant way of relieving those tired aching muscles.

There are no sizes to worry about, you simply need to adjust it once to suit your head and that’s it.

Let’s look at what happens when you use HeadFloater™.

How does it fix your head alignment problems?

Just as you don't need to understand how electricity works to be able to light your home, nor do you need to know all the intricacies of how HeadFloater™ works to relieve your aching neck and back muscles.

Here’s a quick non technical explanation of what it does.

Once you start performing the simple routines, HeadFloater™ cleverly stretches and strengthens certain muscles while at the same time relaxing, lengthening and releasing associated muscles. And it all feels great as you use it and requires only five minutes daily.

When you work with it regularly you become more aware of your head and this helps to retrain your body to adapt a healthier posture. In turn this strengthens and aligns your back to support your head as nature intended.

Product description

HeadFloater™ consists of an adjustable head band that you adjust to fit across your temple at the front of the head that rests at the hairline and under the base of the skull where the suboccipital muscles are located.

Incorporated within the band are a pair of elasticated bungees that in turn connect to the straps the user pulls on to carry out the exercises. Each strap has a series of preformed thumb loops for fine tuning the right setting for the user.

HeadFloater™ weighs only 2 ounces and comes with its own carry bag meaning you can literally take it with you wherever you go.

Overall opinion

This strange looking device is amazingly effective at relieving neck and upper back pain. Not only that it restores significant head side to side movement too. Once you get used to using it, and that doesn't take long, you'll find it will quickly make a real difference to your working comfort.

Office workers will benefit greatly from it and at $35 it’s highly affordable if you're stuck with a junky chair you can’t afford to replace. And even if you have a good office chair you'll still find it will help

Further information

For more about HeadFloater™ visit for more detailed information and how to buy one.

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