Advantages Of Height Adjustable Desks For Health & Productivity

Height adjustable desks have been popular for many years in European countries. However they haven't really taken off in the North American market in the same way.

Having said that, during the past couple of years prices have come down and designs have improved and so this type of sit stand workstation looks set to become a lot more popular as a result.

One of the big benefits of being able to alter the work surface height of a computer desk is itís suitability for all heights of user.

Even the most basic adjustable desks which allow users to vary the height on initial assembly offer a real advantage over fixed height workstations. This is particularly true for short or tall people who so often struggle to find a comfortable working height.

Those models allowing you to easily alter the work surface height encourage mobility and so prevent many musculoskeletal problems which can build up when sitting in a fixed position for hours each day. Additionally, by changing working positions frequently during the day this helps to keep you more attentive and productive.

Our body is always a good guide to tell us when we need to move, when pain sets in it time for a change.

So, when you have been sitting for a while and are starting to get aches, you just need to raise your desk and work standing up for a while.

By varying your bodyís position you are also encouraging blood flow as well as keeping muscles moving and toned and generally more alert. Sitting for long periods can often result in poor circulation and muscle use.

What Are The Different Types Of Height Adjustable Desk?

Height adjustable desks come in a number of different formats and itís a term which tends to be used fairly loosely. In its most basic format it can give a slightly misleading impression as itís often used to describe desks which aren't fully adjustable.

Typically, these types of desk whilst able to be set at different heights are only intended to be adjusted to a desired height when being assembled. A better description of them would be Ďset up height adjustableí desks.

In other words when building the desk up it is easy to set the height within a range, commonly this type of desk has an inner and outer leg member and by twisting them they lock into the desired length.

Of course itís still perfectly possible to adjust the height at a later date. The problem is when the desk is in use with computers, wiring and paperwork all over it then it isn't a quick and easy change to make and so can't truly be described as fully height adjustable.

The next level up from this is readily adjustable desks mostly by crank handles, or a spring or counterbalanced mechanism.

Although these forms of desk are movable in height at any time, adjustment can be slow and awkward, particularly where the desk has a fair amount of heavy equipment on it.

The best types of workstations are electrically height adjustable and are generally operated by a push button. This is by far the most flexible form of height adjustable desk and it truly is quick and easy to vary the height.

As a result, users feel far more inclined to change their working position because it is properly automated.

The good news is that over the past few years prices of electrically operated movable height desks have reduced significantly and become a lot more affordable. Where the differential between quality fixed desks and electrically adjustable workstations used to be 200% itís now nearer 20% making it possible to find an entry level model for under $600.

It is this affordability which I believe will help to make the use of sit stand desks more commonplace, especially as people start to appreciate the health and productivity benefits associated with this way of working.

Push button control makes changing your work posture simple and easy and once you experience the difference in working comfort it soon becomes second nature.

This article looks in more depth at the health benefits of sit stand workstations and the problems of sitting all day. Here's a review of a range of high quality electrically height adjustable workstations offering great value for money.

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