Cost Effective Electric Height Adjustable Desk Review

ad17 electric height adjustable desk

AD17 Light Adjustable Desk

Fully has a comprehensive range of electrically operated height adjustable desks to cater for the increasing popularity, flexibility and health benefits of sit stand working. It features 4 different models of desk and each will be well suited to seating products like the HÅG Capisco, Humanscale Saddle Seat and Bambach Saddle Seat.

The 4 models of desk are intended for light, medium or heavy duty use. Individuals need to consider carefully the likely maximum weight they intend to place on their computer desk top and take into consideration how things may change in the future.

So, if you only have an all in one unit like the iMac or a laptop the light or medium duty height adjustable workstation should be more than adequate. On the other hand, technology keeps on moving at a rapid pace with the continuing convergence of television and computer monitors. Multiple screen use is potentially going to become more commonplace over the next few years, and the heavy duty models will handle this with ease.

The entry level model is the AD17 light duty adjustable desk and is built around a single electrically height adjustable column support. It has excellent height adjustment ranging anywhere between 26" and 46.5"

The weight carrying capacity is governed by the top fitted varying between 115 lbs (largest top) up to 145 lbs (smallest top).

There is a choice of 5 different top sizes and styles and these include.

  • Heart shaped top nominally 46" wide by 35" deep
  • Small rectangle top nominally 39" wide by 31.5" deep
  • Small cut out top with scalloped front edge nominally 47" wide by 39" deep
  • Wide angle top with scalloped front edge overall being 54" wide by 36" deep
  • Medium rectangle top nominally 47" wide by 31.5" deep

This sit stand desk is a good choice where space is limited. It is also fitted with casters making it easy to move for cleaning or access.

ad117 electric height adjustable desk

AD117 Medium Adjustable Desk

Next is the AD117 medium duty adjustable desk, this is constructed around a pair of traditional ‘C’ frame legs with the electrical motor neatly nested within one of the leg frames. Additionally, the top support member joining the legs includes a built in cable management tray to keep cables and wiring neat and tidy.

Height adjustability is the same as the light duty model between 26" to 46.5."

The weight carrying capacity depends on the top used and varies between 105 lbs (largest top) up to 140 lbs (smallest top).

There are a total of 6 different top styles:

  • Medium rectangle nominally 47" by 31.5"
  • Equal corner top nominally 66" wide with 47" deep sides and 24" ends
  • Medium rectangle with cut out front edge nominally 63" wide by 39" deep
  • Large rectangle nominally 63" wide by 31.5"
  • Large rectangle with cut out front edge nominally 79" wide by 39" deep
  • Extra large rectangle nominally 79" wide by 31.5" deep

This maybe the most popular choice in the range assuming weight capacity isn't critical. Its conventional frame style and wide choice of work surfaces provide good flexibility.

It also offers users easy maneuverability by simply lifting the front of the desk and rolling it into position, once in place the casters raise off the floor ensuring stability in use.

Finally there are two heavy duty models.

First is the AD111HD heavy duty adjustable desk

ad111hd electric height adjustable desk

AD111HD H/Duty Adjustable Desk

This is built around up-rated 'C' frame leg supports with a deeper interconnecting channel support which doubles as a modesty panel.

It has a much higher weight bearing capacity compared with the other two models and can safely support weights between 200 lbs (largest top) and 230 lbs (smallest top).

Plus, the top support members joining the legs include two built in cable management trays for keeping cables and wiring neatly out of the way.

Height adjustability is slightly more wide ranging going from nominally 22" to 48"

In total there are 7 different top options, although 2 come as left or right handed, these comprise:

  • Large rectangle top nominally 63" wide by 31.5" deep
  • Large rectangle with cut out front edge nominally 79" wide by 39" deep
  • Small left or right facing corner nominally 63" wide by 47" deep (corner return)
  • Large left or right facing corner nominally 79" wide by 47" deep (corner return)
  • Extra large rectangle nominally 79" wide by 31.5" deep

This range is ideal for users needing the extra weight carrying capacity provided by this model.

AD129 electric height adjustable desk

AD129 Summit H/Duty Adj Desk

Lastly there is a newer model called the Ergo Depot Summit AD129. This is the most versatile model in the entire range. Although it's built on the same kind of frame as the AD111HD it offers even more flexibility.

The weight carrying capacity allows between 250lbs (largest top) and 290lbs (smallest top).

The lift height adjusts between 25" and 52" making it ideal for extra tall users.

The Summit can support no less than 11 top variations.

As well as the 7 shown above for the AD111HD there are 4 further choices including:

  • Small rectangle top nominally 39" wide by 31.5" deep
  • Medium rectangle top nominally 47" wide by 31.5" deep
  • Small rectangle top with cut out front edge nominally 47" wide by 31.5" deep
  • Medium rectangle top with cut out front edge nominally 63" wide by 31.5" deep

Finishes and Warranty

All 4 height adjustable desks come with silver painted metal frames, and optionally in black on the medium and heavy duty versions.

Tops are real Beech of Maple wood veneers on a 7/8ths" thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) core and are all finished with 3 coats of UV (ultra violet) hardened lacquer, making for a very durable work surface. Edges are profiled for comfort eliminating sharp surfaces.

Height adjustability is operated by a convenient push button control and users are free to position this where they like, generally speaking placing it on the underside towards the desk front makes sense.

Adjustment speed is 1" per second and marginally faster at 1.1" per second on the heavy duty model.

It is also possible to buy the desk frames without tops, meaning you could fit your own work surface where matching existing finishes is important. However it's probably best to stick with the standard tops as they are specifically designed for use with each model.

All desk frames carry a 5 year warranty with 2 years on electric motors.

Overall Assessment

The Ergo Depot range of electrically height adjustable desks offers excellent value for money with the entry level model priced under $600. A few years ago electric sit stand desks with these features and build quality would have cost significantly more and in fact many crank height adjustable desks still cost more than these workstations.

Choice of top shapes is excellent and surfaces like the handed corner desks will work well in any situation where individuals have space to make use of the return side to gain extra working area.

Maybe the only negative with this product range is the 2 year warranty on electric motors. However this is not unusual for this type of desk and in normal use there shouldn't be any great problems. Spare parts are readily available and easy to fit should they be needed.

Where To Buy Online

Here's where you can get excellent deals on the Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Summit versions of this electrically height adjustable desk. All come with a 30 day return policy.

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