Keyboard Trays Release Valuable Desk Space And Enhance Healthy Working

A keyboard tray is a great way to keep the desk clear and also allow people to take up a healthy working posture when typing. Keyboard trays vary significantly in quality, price and design.

Entry level models generally just comprise a sliding tray on which the keyboard is placed and then slid in and out as required. The big disadvantage is that they don't have mouse trays and so make the co-ordination between typing and mousing, messy and awkward and are best avoided.

Ergo Comfort Tray

Higher quality trays include a mouse tray and come fitted with bearing slides unlike cheap trays which just have a crude slide-less shelf. The Ergo-Comfort® keyboard mouse drawer has ball bearing runners which lock in position when you are ready to type.

It can handle a wide range of different sizes of keyboards and also includes foam wrist rests for the keyboard and mouse. When not in use, it simply slides back and retracts into the laminated wooden drawer fitted to the underside of the desk.

Balt EKey

For yet more flexibility, the next level of keyboard holders are supported on an adjustable arm fitted to the desk underside. This allows the user to not only pull out the holder but also to swivel the unit from side to side as well as adjusting the angle. Balt's E-Key product is a good example of this type of keyboard holder.

This allows the user to move the keyboard from side to side, adjust the angle by 22.50 degrees up or down, it can also be raised up by four inches or to be dropped four inches below the desk work surface adding further flexibility. It also includes a padded wrist rest.

Safco Art Tray

For the ultimate in adjustability, Safco produce a sit stand articulating keyboard tray and mouse arm. It allows a huge 10.50 inches of vertical adjustment thanks to a lift and release adjustment, and no knobs and levers to operate. It can be rotated through 360 degrees and includes high quality Therasoft® wrist rests for the ultimate in user comfort.

For a comprehensive range, this site has loads of different models of keyboard tray and related accessories.

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