A Copy Holder Allows People Who Type Stop Getting Neck And Shoulder Pain

Document holders aren't used anything like as commonly as they should be. Way too many office workers just lay their notes flat on the desk when typing and this causes a lot of undue strain on the neck and shoulders, frequently resulting in pain, stiffness and restricted movement in the neck and shoulder muscles.

By using a document holder, it instantly places your notes at the optimum height as you type, setting neck and shoulders in a healthy, upright position. You should make sure that your desk is clear of obstructions so that it allows you to use the copyholder on either the left or right-hand side. Before starting typing, turn your head to the left and to the right and observe if one side is stiffer then the other.

Should you discover that your left-hand head movements are less fluent than your right, begin by setting your copy holder on the left and help start correcting this imbalance. Don't just leave the copyholder in that position; make a conscious habit of moving it to the other side and alternating it, say, after every page you type or at least every five minutes. Acting on this simple habit will keep your neck and shoulder muscles supple and evenly balanced.

3M Copy Holder

Let's take a look at some typical document holders. 3M offers a low-cost, document copy holder with a massive 150 sheet capacity. It has an adjustable rear arm to vary copy angle with a clip on top to hold notes as well as a sliding rule acting as a place guide when typing. One drawback is the lack of height adjustability, so it may not suit those who prefer copy at the same height as their monitor.

Fellowes Copy Holder

The Fellowes Flex Arm Copyholder is a multi-adjustable copyholder with vertical adjustment to allow optimum copy positioning as well as copy angle adjustment. The base is weighted to keep the holder stable on the desk. It has a clip at the top to hold copy firmly as well as a guide ruler. The holder can also be rotated 90 degrees, which is ideal for landscape copy like Excel spreadsheets.

Kensington Copy Holder

Kensington takes a slightly different approach with their Premium In-Line Copyholder, which allows the user to place the copy directly in front of them. This is possible because the unit has a stand to place the keyboard onto and this incorporates the copyholder, placing the copy immediately in front of you. The copy angle can be varied and is wide enough to allow copy to be placed in either a portrait or landscape position.

One potential drawback of this holder is it might obscure large areas of your screen if you type with the monitor directly in front of you. Nonetheless, it does get over the problem of having to turn the head to the left or right when typing.

This online source carries the 3M, Fellowes and Kensington document and copyholders as well as other products to suit most situations and needs.

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