Wood Chair Mats Protect Your Carpets And Look Great In Any Office

The two most popular types of wood chair mats are either one-piece mats made from a high-density fiberboard core, finished with a hard-wearing wood laminate; or roll-up mats, made from bamboo and backed with a high-quality felt backing. Let's take a close look at each.

Wood Mat

Snapmat has developed a concept of one-piece wood chair mats, and they come in four different sizes and three different finishes oak, cherry and walnut. The core of the mat is constructed from high-density fiberboard, which is then finished with a very hard-wearing wood laminate, making them highly resistant to scratches, wear, stains and even burns. The underside has rubberized pads to protect floor surfaces and the mats are anti-static too. Snapmats are a great choice of chair mat for a really classy look, particularly when using traditional veneered furniture.

Wood Mat

The other type of wooden chair mat is made from bamboo, which is either in sections of folding panels or can be rolled-up. While this might sound a bit odd, they are high-quality products. The bamboo used is premium-quality flooring grade, Anji mountain bamboo, and it is then treated with no less than seven layers of top-quality UV lacquer to give excellent scratch resistance and durability.

These mats are available in natural finish or stained to dark cherry and come in three different sizes-a rectangular mat, four feet by six feet; as well as a large and small mat, both having an extended front edge to go under the desk. All of these mats can be either folded or rolled up, as they include a top-quality felt bonding cushion designed to protect the floor covering and keep the bamboo tightly bonded together.

You'll find this site carries the Snapmat chair mat range and delivers to any of the U.S. mainland locations within five business days. Anji bamboo chair mats are offered at this site on a three-business-day turnaround.

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