Rubber Chair Mats Prolong Office Floorcovering Life

Rubber Chair Mat

Rubber mats are generally more commonly used in industrial areas around workbenches and laboratories. Typically they tend to be offered in rectangular shapes rather than in specific shapes for desks. The best-known supplier of rubber mats for use with office chairs is Rubbermaid. They supply the Black Contour mat for use with carpets, with or without padding, and up to a maximum thickness of three-quarters of an inch.

The mat comes in one size and is 48 inches wide by 56 inches deep with curved front and back edges. It has a textured finish to hide minor scuffs and marks, and includes beveled edges with stud grips to hold it firmly on the carpet. The Contour mat is ideally suited for rectangular desks and wouldn't be so appropriate for corner workstations. This site offers a good deal on the Rubbermaid Contour mat and includes free shipping too.

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