Chair Mats Can Preserve the Life of Floor Coverings

Chair Mat

The wheels of the average office chair present quite a serious challenge to the integrity of floor coverings, particularly delicate ones. This is hardly surprising, as they concentrate the combined weight of your body and chair onto five relatively small load points, adding movement, and resulting in quite a lot of surface friction.

Some floor coverings, such as heavy duty carpet tiles and dense, low-pile carpeting, will handle chair casters with relative ease. On the other hand, delicate carpet, hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces can scuff quite badly and suffer from continual office char use and traffic, leaving areas marked in their wake.

The Different Sorts of Chair Mat

Chair mats come in a surprisingly wide range of different styles, shapes and materials. People often think of clear, plastic chair mats usually having a lightly patterned finish. Made from vinyl these are the most common types of chair mats and most people are familiar with the lightly patterned, clear plastic design.

Mat quality varies enormously, so it's best to avoid the really cheap ones, as they are likely to become brittle, develop bumps or curl up at the edges, creating a health hazard. Better quality vinyl chair mats don't have these problems and come in lots of different shapes, finishes and thicknesses.

Wood-finish chair mats can look very classy in the right environment and generally are made from high-grade wood finished laminate or rolled-up bamboo, stained to a particular wood finish. Neither are cheap; however, they are a quality solution and will give many years of good service.

Rubber mats are less common and don't tend to be very attractive to the eye. However, they can work well as chair mats, although they're more commonly used in industrial areas. Also, vinyl mats are sometimes confusingly referred to as rubber mats.

Further Varieties of Chair Mat

There are other types of specialty chair mats to choose from, with some suppliers offering custom-made mats to suit particular layouts, and even mats made from wood parquet flooring sections. To discover more about the choice of chair mats available, begin by finding out about the different types of vinyl chair mat and where to use them.

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