Wrist Rests And Supports Help Relieve RSI Pains And Twinges

People doing a lot of keyboarding work need to ensure that they avoid placing their wrists at awkward or unnatural angles. This can deteriorate into RSI-related problems if not corrected.

When typing, wrists should be kept as flat and straight as possible and not angled excessively up and down or from side to side. Even when adopting the correct posture, wrists may start to ache, particularly with frequent mouse use, and this is where a wrist rest can come in handy.

Gel Wrist Support

Wrist rests are usually pretty simple things made from gel padded Lycra, covered with a non-slip underside to keep them in place. They're designed to keep the wrists comfortably supported and reduce the discomfort of a hard desk top or keyboard surface. They vary in style, rectangular strips that act as keyboard wrist rests are most popular.

Mouse Pad Support

Mouse-pad wrist rests are also popular, here the mouse mat includes a gel pad on the front. These work well for heavy mouse users. There are also stand-alone wrist cradles for use in supporting the wrists.

Wrist Support

For people who already suffering some degree of wrist pain, or who may be recovering from a sports-related injury, there are full-wrist supports. Here the area from the low thumb level, to about halfway along the forearm is enclosed in the wrap-around support to encapsulate the wrist and keep it well supported. They can be used with either hand and the designs keep the muscles in the wrists warm and fully supported.

As with any injury or pain, it is always advisable to seek medical advice before using these types of aids. This site has a very comprehensive range of wrist rests and supports and should have something to match most people's circumstances.

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