Revolutionary Footrest Works As Leg Exerciser & Foot Massager

  • Are you fed up with tired feet when sitting in your office chair?
  • Do your legs and thighs ache when you're working on your computer for a while?
  • Are you finding it awkward to get the right position for your feet sitting in your office chair?

Well the good news is if any of these things trouble you help is close at hand with the revolutionary Webble™ footrest - it's unlike any footrest you've ever seen before.

Webble™ As Static Footrest

Webble™ As Static Footrest

What makes the Webble™ unique? It's an active footrest which means you don't just place your feet on it, instead you use it to keep your feet and legs in motion and active while you work.

This has the benefit of keeping your lower limb muscles active with good blood flow which reduces the chance of them seizing up or becoming inactive and creating muscle pain.

So when you feel those lower limbs tiring just Webble™ them active.

How Does the Webble™ Work?

The Webble™ is a lozenge shaped active footrest and the top is upholstered in a durable flexible mesh membrane with a foam layer beneath it for added comfort.

Webble™ In Action

Webble™ In Action

The underside has 4 super smooth twin wheeled casters, one on each corner and these allow you to move it easily to exercise your feet and legs sitting at your desk.

And in case you are worried about someone trying it out as a skateboard the casters lock making it static as soon as anyone tries to stand on it.

One of the major advantages of the Webble™ compared to a conventional footrest is its mobility, sometimes a static footrest can get in the way when you're working. Not so the Webble™ its easy mobility lets you move it wherever you want quickly and easily.

It really is a simple solution to the problem of tired legs and feet when you work long hours at your computer.

Technical Information

Dimensions: 19.5 inches long x 11.2 inches wide x 4.6 inches high. Weight: 4.5 pounds

Finish: Black plastic shell, covered in a choice of red, black or silver durable mesh fabric.

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