Ergo-Basics CUSH™ Orthopedic Seat Cushions & Back Support Product Review

Many people find when they buy a low cost support cushion it doesn't give them the pain relief and comfort they expected. And there's a very good reason for this because they are nearly always made from low quality cut foam which isn't capable of giving you proper support and is mainly found in packaging.

The CUSH™ range is made from high quality DME (durable medical equipment) grade memory foam and has been developed over the past 5 years with close consultation with end users ensuring these newly released products work properly and provide maximum comfort.

The Range Includes 2 Seat Cushions and a Back Support Cushion.

Contour Cush

Contour CUSH™ Cushion

The standard Contour CUSH™ can be used with most hard wood chairs and there's no reason why you couldn't use it with your office chair should you find it uncomfortably hard. It is highly portable making it ideal for the ball park, stadium, theater, or anywhere you are faced with sitting in discomfort for prolonged periods.

It is 17 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 1.75 inches thick and it is designed to be completely portable with a stitched in carry handle.

The other cushion is the Comfort Rider™ and it is a more generously proportioned support cushion which measures 18 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 2.50 inches thick. It's ideal for larger framed users and can be used in the same way as the standard cushion.

Comfort Cush

Comfort Rider™ Cushion

However its larger footprint and slightly beveled underside means it is perfect for use as the ultimate comfort travel accessory as it will fit most autos, trucks and SUVs and if you're travelling by bus, plane or train the Comfort Rider™ will improve the comfort of your trip. If you are a wheelchair user you will really appreciate the extra support relief the cushion provides.

So what sets these cushions apart from others? Unlike standard cushions which typically are made from a flat or wedge shaped piece of poor grade cut foam, these products are easier to handle and transport as they are made from thinner high quality DME (durable medical equipment) grade memory foam.

They are precision contour shaped and designed to distribute the user's body weight giving the maximum support and comfort helping relieve pressure on the buttocks and back so cutting down fatigue.

They have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties because they are fabricated using the latest in high density visco elastic comfort-ease™ memory foam.

This high quality foam is protected by a durable Lycra or Nylon top cover designed to be readily removable so it can be washed occasionally. You won't find the cushion slipping or sliding in use as the underside is made from ToughtekŪ Narraganset a highly durable neoprene based material.

Curve Cush

Curve CUSH™ Back Support

In addition to the seat cushions there is also a complimentary back support. The Curve CUSH™ is a high quality portable, deeply contoured back support cushion and is specifically designed to relieve back pain and discomfort when having to sit without proper back support. This back pain cushion has been carefully contoured to give good lumbar support and comfort.

Like the seat cushions it has been developed from long term customer feedback to ensure it works properly in correctly supporting your back and spine. It is suitable for both office and other types of chairs.

It's made from the same materials as the cushions and like them is designed to be truly portable with a built in travel handle and readily fits to the chair it is being used with using the inbuilt elasticated strap and Velcro retaining tabs.

Overall Assessment

These support products offer a very high level of user comfort and have been carefully designed and developed to ensure they provide great seating comfort and support.

The precise contouring closely matches your body's anatomy and is a world away from the flat cut foam products normally sold as support cushions. Humans aren't flat and the CUSH™ range acknowledges this by delivering proper support and comfort.

The only real negative with these products has to be their cost, starting from $99 they aren't cheap and there is a good reason for this. It's an expensive process to make moulded cushions which are fabricated one at a time unlike mass produced cut foams. Further the durable coverings and rubber underside are the best quality materials you will find on any cushion on the market. All the products carry a 5 year warranty so you can be assured of definitely getting your money's worth over the long time they will last.


These recently launched support cushions have been developed by ergo-Basics in cooperation with industry leader McCartys Sacroease and are available from this online specialist and include free shipping.

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