Footrests Can Relieve Problems Of Getting Good Leg Support

Footrests are the ideal solution for anyone having trouble in placing their feet comfortably on the floor when sitting at their workstation. Generally speaking, this will be anyone under five foot four. People having shorter than average legs, can also find a footrest to be a great way to aid proper sitting. Footrests come in a wide range of styles and finishes, including wood, metal, plastic, adjustable and fixed height.

Humanscale Footrest

Humanscale Foot Machine

It's best to go for an adjustable footrests or at least one that tilts as this will enable the user to get their feet comfortably set for good and proper support. Some even include a foot massager like the Humanscale Foot Machine and users of the product have commented on how much they liked this. Balt also produces a great massage footrest in their Rolax product. It is very keenly priced too.

Rubbermaid Footrest

Rubbermaid Footrest

Rubbermaid also make some excellent footrests, mostly in scuff-resistant plastic. One of their most popular models is the height-adjusting, tilting footrest which has a wide level of adjustment, and its heavily contoured top surface makes a great foot massager or scratcher. They also offer a more basic tilting foot rest, however it is fixed at a set angle of 15 degrees and may not be ideal as this can't be altered. Nonetheless, it is a very popular model.

If you would like to find out more, here's a good online source for quality footrests.

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