Review Of The Chair Makeover™ Portable Seat Comfort Enhancer

Chair Makeover

Chair Makeover™ In Use

The ergo basics Chair Makeover™ is ideal for people who suffer discomfort when sitting in different or strange chairs for any length of time.

The Makeover™ only weighs 6 pounds and folds neatly in half at the joint of the seat and back making it reasonably portable when you need to transport it.

Effectively this convenient aid transforms pretty much any chair into a comfortable and supportive seat. You simply need to place it on an existing chair and it provides a second skin turning harsh seats into properly supported comfortable ones.

So how does it all function?

There are two key components at the heart of this product. First the seat and back are built around a core of high quality visco elastic comfort-ease™ foam. This is specifically designed to mold to the user's body, relieving pressure when sitting.

Second, incorporated into the back is a sturdy lightweight steel frame which is pre-shaped for following the natural S curve of the user's back.

While the frame is pre-formed to suit typical back shape it does allow the possibility for users to adapt the curvature if required, although some might struggle with this. However, if you are the sort of person who relishes a hands on practical approach it shouldn't be too difficult.

In reality it's unlikely you will need to alter the frame. This is because the Makeover™ is made with a couple of inches of extra material at the seat and back joint enabling users to move the back up or down to gain optimal comfort. This can also be used to adjust the seat pad position too if required.

Additionally, people who suffer with tail bone discomfort can gain relief by taking out a section of the foam which is pre-cut for the purpose. This is quickly accessible by unzipping the seat pad cover for easy removal.

The Chair Makeover™ works well with a wide variety of chair types including office chairs, meeting chairs, dining chairs, bench seats, public transport and vehicles.

It is very effective with sofas which are notoriously bad at providing good support. Once you place it on the sofa it automatically creates a far healthier sitting position supporting the back properly and preventing it from rounding and opening up the spine's disks, a common source of discomfort.

Dimensions and Finishes

It measures 17 inches wide by 18 inches high by 15 inches deep when folded out.

Upholstery is in high quality Tek-knit fabric which has excellent anti microbial and anti fungal properties so it won't harbor nasty germs and bugs. Available colors include black, chocolate, light brown, gray, or blue. It also has an adjustable strap at the rear to place around the back of the chair if required.

The Chair Makeover™ has been developed in conjunction with McCarty’s a leading manufacturer of high quality posture products, it is made entirely in the US and carries a 5 year warranty.

Where To Buy Online

The product is available online through this specialist back care product provider and for a limited time you can get $50 off the price by using this Chair Makeover™ coupon 'CM50' which also includes free shipping and a 30 day return period so you can be sure it's right for you.

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