Ergonomic Office Products for Improving Health, Posture And Comfort

There are a number of excellent ergonomic office products which can help people working long hours at their workstation to support their limbs and muscles effectively and improve their health and posture.

In this article, we'll take a quick look at some of these products specifically designed for office workers to achieve healthy posture and productivity by offering proper support.

Ergonomic Office Chair

A good quality ergonomic office chair is really the most essential item for healthy working and should be top priority for any office worker. You need to allocate a good proportion of your budget for a quality ergonomic chair; cheap chairs should definitely be avoided, as they are a false economy.

Portable Chair Supports and Cushions

Portable chair comforters can be useful in providing proper support when the chairs you use aren't comfortable. They are designed to work with pretty much all types of seating. Good quality support cushions are also a great way of relieving pain and pressure when sitting and also work well for most types of chairs.


Footrests are mainly for smaller-framed people, typically under 5'4" tall. When properly seated, your feet should be firmly on the floor and as this isn't always possible, a footrest is the ideal way to correct this. The best models are adjustable so the user can easily achieve a good level of comfort.

Wrist Rests and Supports

Wrist rests can be an excellent way to ensure that your wrists aren't put under undue strain when typing. Rests help avoid the wrists being placed at an unnatural angle, which could result in RSI-related problems.

For those who have an existing wrist problem, a wrist support may be necessary, and these generally enclose the wrist to prevent it from adopting unhealthy positions.

Back Supports

If you have a good quality ergonomic office chair, it's unlikely you will need a back support. If you are in the situation of being stuck with a poor chair which isn't giving proper support to your back, that's different. In that case, it's well worth considering some form of back support to help improve seated posture.

There are many more types of ergonomic office accessories available, but I've covered the key ones that specifically help in promoting a healthy posture when working at a work station for extended periods of time.


Here are the key points for healthy body support in the office:

You can find all of these ergonomic accessories discussed in greater detail from this link.

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