Backrests Simple Addition To Improve Poor Office Chairs

A back support shouldn't really be needed, as long as you've got a good quality office chair. However, for those who aren't able to change their office chair for something more supportive, a back support can offer a solution to their problem. One of the benefits of a back support is that it can often be suitable for car seats and this is definitely worth looking into, as car seats don't tend to be ergonomically well designed.

Travelon Back Support

Back supports and rests come in a variety of different styles and materials. One of the most popular is the mesh support and generally this clips on to the back of your office chair and is curved to help keep the back and correct posture properly supported. The Travelon mesh support is a very popular support. It's dead easy to fit and users often comment on how it helps when used in the car as well as the office. This type of support is amongst the better designed back support.

Remedease Back Support

The next type of support is made from foam and often has a removable cover to allow the user to wash it when it becomes dirty. Safco's Remedease™ Full Height Back Rest is a good example of this type of support. Once again, it simply clips to the chair back and is contoured to give good back support.

Lumbar Support

Yet another popular form of back support is the simple lumbar roll, which is, as it's name suggests, is designed to support the most important part of the back, the lower lumbar region. A good example of this type of support is Safco's Lumbar Roll back rest made from high density foam to give good lower back support. It has a low profile design to avoid placing undue pressure on the user's spine. The material is anti-static, non-abrasive and yet washable; it also keeps its shape too.

This site has a wide selection of back rests and supports and is worth visiting to see the different styles and models available.

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