Exchanging links with Office Chair Advice

Are you interested in exchanging links with Office Chair Advice?

Whilst we welcome link partners, we do insist on certain minimum standards and it's important that you accept these. All link requests are individually reviewed, so please stick to our criteria as we won't link back to you unless you do.

Here's what we require

  • Your site must have genuine, quality content and we remain the final arbiters in defining quality.
  • Your request must include an email address associated with your website. Free email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail etc will result in your request being deleted.
  • We require that your site is indexed in Google, a PageRank rating isn't a requirement.
  • Please don't submit an invalid phone number as your request will be deleted.
  • If your site uses any tactics likely to be questioned by Google, or uses other tricks like 'no follow' tags on linking partners links your request will be deleted.
  • Please use a proper first and last name, any aliases such as 'linkmaster' will result in you request being deleted.
  • Please don't alter our link text. You are free to change the color and font attributes of our link so you can match it with your own site content.
  • Happy with all that? Great, simply copy the link code in the box below and paste it to your site.

Please email us with the link as soon as it's live on your site so we can validate it. Also, please include the link details you would like us to include as well as your contact details.

Normally, your link will be live within 24 hours. If you meet our requirements, please visit our support desk and click on Submit a ticket. On the Category drop down choose Link requests and then fill in the form and submit your details.

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