Wood Guest Chairs

The Wood guest chair is one of the most popular forms of office guest seat in the work environment and is widely available from many different office seat manufacturers.

There are many reasons for the popularity of wooden guest chairs so let's take a look at this type of visitor chair in greater detail.

First, there are many differing styles of wood frame to choose from. the most popular of these is the conventional 4 legged guest seat and within this specific category there are many separate leg styles you can select.

Next, we have cantilever framed wood visitor chairs where the frame forms an open C style leg and this can look very elegant.

Another popular choice of leg frame in wood guest chairs is the sled base where there is a front to back timber runner at the base of the legs. This too can look elegant, however some models can appear a bit chunky and end up looking a bit heavy framed.

Having said that if you are happy with this style of frame that's fine, they certainly make for very solidly built visitor seats.

Advantages of wood office guest chairs

Wood office guest chairs are very versatile and can be used virtually anywhere in the modern office.

They are ideally suited to formal seating arrangements and can be used as stand alone guest seats as well as around tables and desks.

A lot of wooden visitor chairs are light in weight and easy to handle and this makes them ideal for handling and moving. This could be useful if you need a couple of extra chairs for a meeting in your own office.

As wood is a natural material it can be machined and formed into a huge variety of shapes and finishes and this can create very stylish visitor chairs.

If you need to move your guest seats regularly you may well choose to go for a stacking guest chair which allows you to stack chairs 3 or 4 high to save space when not in use.

Disadvantages of wood office guest chairs

The main disadvantage of wood visitor seating is that the frames may be easily damaged and show marks and scratches. If you plan to use them in a heavily trafficked area you need to bear this in mind.

Additionally, frames can sometimes split or work loose if the chairs are abused, typically by people rocking back and supporting their whole weight on the rear legs. In normal use this shouldn't be a problem with a quality wood visitor chair.

Color matching wood guest chairs to existing furniture can be difficult if you trying to get an exact match particularly if it's a few years old.

All things considered wood is a great choice for your office guest seating, and we will be looking at each type of wood visitor chair as well as providing reviews of popular products in the near future

If you need any help or advice about wood guest seating please contact us by email with your question by using the contact link at the bottom of this page and we'll do our best to get an answer for you.

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