Sofas & Office Lounge Chairs

In the right environment Sofas and lounge seats can be a very good choice for guest and visitors.

This type of seating tends to favor a more relaxed informal sort of guest seating, so if you prefer to meet your guests in a relaxed atmosphere this will probably be the best type of guest chair for you.

It's important to consider the amount of available space that you have available as sofas and lounge chairs they can take up quite a bit more space than their equivalent side chairs.

So, begin by measuring up the space where you want to locate them and if possible produce a scale drawing of the area, along with scaled cut outs of the proposed guest seating.

Try out various layout alternatives and carefully check that there is sufficient space to move comfortably in the area where they are located.

It's best to have plenty of space around your sofa or lounge seats, if you get it too tight the whole space can become terribly congested and unwittingly create visitor seating area that becomes unwelcoming.

This will be the last thing you'll want to do. Also, if you plan to include a coffee table make sure to factor this into your guest seating layout.

As a rule it's probably best to err on the side of caution and consider smaller rather than larger sofas or lounge seats, for the reasons covered above as well as a further point we make below regarding style.

Turning next to the choice of style of sofa or lounge and club chairs, you need to be aware of the following two points.

First is in the choice of upholstery filling, it's better to go for a reasonably firm cushion, seat pad and base construction. The reason for this is that some very soft fillings and springing literally seem to swallow the user up and it can be very awkward to get out of this sort of guest seat.

The other point is try and avoid any sofas and lounge chairs that have a very deep front to back dimension. The reason is the same as the first point if your visitor sits right back into the seat it can often be difficult to get out again.

You'll want to avoid embarrassing visitors by having them floundering when trying to get out of your visitor seating.

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