Review of the Hacienda Leather Sofa - Lancaster Model

The Lancaster all leather sofa is a top quality product from Hacienda Leather and is offered as either a 3 or 2 seater model.

These sofas are high quality products made to exacting standards and upholstered in top grain leather hides. Each hide is hand picked to ensure that only the very best quality hides are selected.

The leather used on these Lancaster settees goes through a two part tanning process. To begin with and to retain the leather's tightness and strength it is vegetable tanned, it is then tanned again and this time oil is used which gives it a soft finish, with a great feel and snap.

These top grain hides shouldn't be confused with massed produced leathers. They will wear far better, have a much fuller depth of color and are also very strong. They are also far more natural looking and any natural markings in the grain remain visible and give it its unique character.

The springing used in the upholstery of the Lancaster sofa is also of a very high standard. They are built on heavy gauge coil springs and these are hand tied together in an eight-way pattern. This is recognized as being the most effective way of producing the utmost level of comfort, quality and long-term durability.

Literally, each spring is tied in three planes - side to side, diagonally and front to back. The beauty of this method of construction is that it allows for independent seat suspension so that no matter what size, shape or weight of person, the springing actually adapts to that person's unique shape and profile.

The eight-way tied spring system is not something that can be automated, it literally has to be carried out by hand. It requires a high degree of skill and training to be able to hand tie springs consistently.

Obviously, the process is labor intensive and so you will find that you pay a premium for this level of craftsmanship.

The three seater unit measures 85'' wide x 36'' deep x 37'' high.

If you are considering a top quality sofa you will find the attention to detail and build standard of the Hacienda product hard to beat. They will give you many years of great service with very little maintenance.

If you'd like to discover more about this top quality sofa, be sure to visit Hacienda Leather Sofas for great pricing on the product.