La-Z-Boy Gadget Guest Chair

The Gadget guest chair from La-Z-Boy is a great little metal frame visitor chair from this quality office seating manufacturer.

If you're familiar with La-Z-Boy seating products you'll know that they always offer top quality products and the Gadget is no exception.

Gadget Guest Chair

The chair is well engineered, very elegant in appearance and offered at a price that you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by.

So, let's take a look at this guest chair in more detail.

The chair is very elegantly styled in a round tapering tubular steel frame. All the chair legs taper inwards from front to back and this is slightly more pronounced on the rear legs.

The overall effect is a beautifully styled chair that will look great in pretty much any guest or visitor seating situation.

The top of the legs terminate into the polyurethane arms and these are generously proportioned to give good user comfort.

Turning to the chair back, this is cleverly designed to offer maximum support for the lower lumbar region of the visitor's back. Essentially, the back is made in a quality molded plastic shell and can be provided in 4 different options.

  • All plastic back
  • Plastic back, with upholstered outer back
  • Upholstered back with plastic outer back
  • Fully upholstered back

Probably the most popular option is the upholstered back with plastic outer back.

Gadget Dimensions & Finishes

The chair is 21.5'' deep by 22'' wide by 33'' high overall and it is well proportioned to cater for the vast majority of guests and visitors.

The chair frame is finished in either black or platinum silver paint.

The seat is contoured and has a slight waterfall front edge for maximum comfort.

The chair can be upholstered in a black vinyl finish which is great for wiping down and easy maintenance. It also comes in in a range of fabric finishes including

  • Charcoal (dark grey)
  • Cabernet (red)
  • Ebony (black)
  • Royal (blue)

All in all the Gadget guest chair is a first class product for any visitor seating situation and will look great in your offices, particularly with the platinum finish.

If you feel the Gadget is right for you, be sure to see La-Z-Boy Gadget Guest Chair for great pricing on this product.