Office Guest Chairs

This section of our website is dedicated to guest chairs for use in the office environment. There are many different areas within the modern office that a guest chair might be needed.

Guest Lounge Chair

Depending on how you welcome guests and visitors, a guest chair might be required in your business's lobby area. Or, you may direct guests into a visitor room where you can conduct a meeting with them with a degree of privacy.

Wood Guest Chairs

Alternatively, you may choose to meet with some visitors in your own office, particularly if you need to refer to information held on your PC or located in your office that might otherwise not be practical to take elsewhere.

Apart from guests who are visitors to your company, it is likely that you could well have a requirement for guest seating for meetings and discussions with your own members of staff.

Frequently, such meetings will take place in either your own office or their office work area.

So much then for where guest seating might be required, let's next take a look at how you might treat guests and visitors.

How You Meet With Your Guests & Visitors

You need to make a number of decisions on how and where you wish to receive your guests and visitors.

You also need to decide whether you will receive different visitors in different ways. For example, you may well decide that everyday sales people visiting the office will be greeted and seated in a different way to a senior manager or director of one of your best clients.

Once you have decided how you wish to receive your guests, you next need to make your mind up how you want to seat them.

Different Choices Of Guest Seating

The choice of guest chair open to you is very wide and varied and visitor seating comes in many forms. These include wood chairs, side chairs, leather chairs, lounge chairs, traditional and contemporary chairs and sofas, so as you can see there's a lot of choose from.

This type of seating is made by a multitude of different chair manufacturers and certain chair makers like HON seating cover guest chairs comprehensively. We cover each of these different forms of guest chair as well as the HON range in the sections of our website that follow.

You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of guest chair as well as product reviews under the sections of our site specifically devoted to guest seating. This should help you to make a better decision about what sort of visitor seating will be most appropriate for you and your business.

Here are the links to the different topics covering guest and visitor seating in this section of our website, be sure to follow the links for more information on the different types of Guest & Visitor Seating of interest to you.

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