Review Of The HON Park Avenue Guest Chair

HON's Park Avenue guest chair is offered in a wide number of different styles and is intended to offer a comprehensive choice to the user seeking high quality visitor seating.

Within the range you will find 2 and 3 seater sofas, an arm chair, several swivel chairs and individual wood framed chairs.

In this review we are going to look at the wood framed guest seats. Despite being part of a large seating range the beauty of this product is its ability to be used as stand alone seating, in other words it doesn't need to be matched up to other seating you may be using, its simple classic lines look great in their own right.

So, let's take a closer look at these Park Avenue guest chairs and what is available.

These side chairs are offered in two distinct styles. First, there is a range of semi open timber backed models with a variety of four different chair back styles. Each is based on a common four legged frame, each having a subtly scalloped wood arm detail which looks particular elegant.

The chairs look distinctive and this is helped by the front cross member of the chair's supporting rail which is rilled and although it's only a small thing it just serves to make these chairs stand out from the more run of the mill products offered elsewhere.

Apart from these common features the only variation is in the chair back styles, there are four version to choose from and each can be classed as open backed with a central timber feature with the following variations.

  • Solid rectangular central back support
  • Open slatted central back support
  • Hour glass shaped solid support
  • Tapering solid back support

All look excellent and really the decision on which one to choose comes down to personal preference.

Park Avenue Solid Back 2122
Park Avenue Slatted Back 2121
Park Avenue Hour Glass Back 2124
Park Avenue Tapered Back 2125

The other Park Avenue guest chair offering and probably one of the most popular is the model 5003.

Park Avenue Leather 5003

Here HON has opted for a solid backed chair offered in both fabric and leather upholstery.

The leather upholstered version is the most popular, particularly in black leather as it has such a classic appearance and so lends itself to a wide number of different guest seating situations.

The seat pad and front supporting rail has a gently dished detail which makes for a very comfortable seating position. The chair back is solid and upholstered and incorporates shaping to offer excellent lumbar support to the user.

This is a side chair that offers superior comfort even for extended seating periods and its gently sloping timber arms are the perfect support for the user's lower arms.

You'll find a great offer on HON's Park Avenue Guest Chairpark here.