Review Of The Swopper Ergonomic Stool

Swopper Ergonomic Stool

Swopper Ergonomic Stool

This is a review of the Swopper Ergonomic Stool range of models. In this review of the Swopper seat we will be taking a detailed look at this quality German engineered ergonomic office stool.

We begin by considering how the Swopper stool actually works, next we'll take a look at how it promotes your body's healthy posture, we'll then discover the different types of Swopper Ergonomic Stools available and finally we'll finish by looking at its vital statistics.

By the conclusion of our article you will have a good idea of the benefits of the Swopper ergonomic office stool and why it could very likely be an excellent choice of ergonomic office seat for you.

How Does The Swopper Stool Work?

So let's take a serious look at the Swopper ergonomic seat and how it actually works in use. Initially, a lot of people probably assume that the Swopper is some wacky seating gadget-like thing, due to its unusual appearance. Nothing could be further from the truth, the Swopper Ergonomic Stool is a high quality, well researched and thought out piece of ergonomic seating.

The Swopper stool's function is built around the sound principle that a healthy seating position goes hand in hand with body movement and that a static seating position is just not conducive to the long term health of your body when seated for any length of time.

The Swopper is essentially a flexible, active office seat that allows the user to move healthily in a three dimensional way, including side to side, back and front and even bounce up or down.

The design of this ergonomic stool is well thought out and extremely stable in use, despite the wide range of positional variations that a Swopper ergonomic stool encourages the user to adopt.

When seated you will be able to lean in any direction you care to as the Swopper allows you to safely move in pretty much any direction, at the same time encouraging an excellent postural and healthy sitting position.

So, moving on let's next consider how a Swopper Ergonomic Stool helps with your body's health.

Why Is The Swopper Stool Good For Your Body?

The Swopper helps promote the health of your body from head to toe, here's a brief overview of why this is so.

The active seating position of the Swopper keeps your head in an upright position, helping you to breathe deeper and encourage healthy circulation. Neck and shoulder muscles, that so often tense up in conventional seating, remain active and tension free.

The constant movements you make in this ergonomic office seat trains and strengthens the back muscles for better support. Due to the natural movements you make in the Swopper it eliminates one sided pressure and encourages inter-vertebral nutrition in your spinal discs keeping them fit and resilient.

It also encourages the natural S shape so vital for a healthy back.

The Swopper encourages an open seating position thus releasing pressure on the thighs and legs as well as promoting good blood circulation by pumping blood back from the calves to the heart.

Let's look now at the models and finishes the Swopper comes in.

Swopper Ergonomic Stool Models And Finishes

The Swopper Standard and Classic are the two most popular models, the only difference is that the Classic has a choice of fabric colors, where the standard is only in black. Both stools are supplied with a large diameter cast aluminium base supported on glides, or an option of castors.

However the castors are a little different to normal office chair castors. If you lift your weight slightly this allows you to move the Swopper over short distances, once you sit on it fully the castors lock in position.

The Swopper Dynamic model comes with a height adjustable back to allow true dynamic use if you like to lean back in your chair frequently. The back adopts to your spine's position.

There is even a junior version of the Swopper Ergonomic Seat, plus other models for health related areas as well as the Swopper Design with a full length stylish curved timber back.

Next, we'll consider the range of finishes and technical information for the Swopper range of ergonomic stools.

Swopper Stool Finishes And Technical Information

The Swopper Ergonomic Stool range is built on a high quality die-cast aluminium/steel foot ring approximately 21.50 ins in diameter and fitted with guides or rollers.

The stool's central column is built on a pneumatic gas lift giving height adjustment between 17.72 ins - 25.60 ins and the spring tension of the bounce feature can be individually set to suit user weight up to 286 pounds ( an up rated spring will increase this to an impressive 440 pounds).

The spring loading is adjusted by a control at the base of the main support stem.

There is a lever to the underside of the Swopper stool to raise or lower the stool's seat height.

Sideways movement is also adjustable to suit your individual needs and this is done by adjusting a control at the base of the stool. As you get used to sitting on the Swopper you may wish to adjust this further.

The standard frame finish of a Swopper stool is Titanium silver, Anthracite (charcoal gray) is also available.

The Swopper Standard is upholstered in black softex a cotton synthetic fabric that is breathable and easy to clean. There is a wide range of alternative upholstery finishes including leather and bright designer colors.

So hopefully you have found this introductory article on the Swopper Ergonomic Stool informative. The Swopper represents a real alternative to traditional office seating with the added advantage of promoting your body's natural healthy maintenance by encouraging you to sit correctly when working at your computer or in the office.

Here's a further article Swopper Stool A New Seating Experience about the benefits to your body of using a Swopper.

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