The Swopper Ergonomic Stool A New Seating Experience

If you have already read our review of the Swopper stool you'll be aware that it is radically different to other types of office seat. Initially, it just looks like a slightly unusual style of stool, in actual fact it is very different to a conventional stool.


Swopper Stool in Blue

In reality, it's probably best to describe it as a dynamic seat or stool and the reason for this is that to use it successfully you have sit in it dynamically or actively. Let's look at this concept in a little bit more detail.

The reason you need to regard the Swopper as a dynamic seat is the way in which it works and this becomes apparent the moment you sit on it. If you are used to sitting in a conventional office chair you'll find it a very different experience.

In the typical office chair once you have adjusted it to your needs it becomes essentially a static seat and allows you to remain in a largely sedentary position. To be fair some of the better quality ergonomic office seats aren't like this.

With the Swopper, the seat pad is supported on a spring loaded, height adjustable pneumatic lift device, the base of which is able to rotate and move depending on how you place your weight on the seat pad.

This is the essence of how it works and is also why it is so good for your back, so let's continue by considering how it helps your posture.

The reason the Swopper seat is so effective in helping and relieving back pain is that it forces you to train, rebuild and strengthen your back muscles after what may well be years of poor posture and inactivity in your back's proper functions.

You simply can't just sit on it, you have to use your body to balance properly on the Swopper and this is actually a very good thing for your posture and back health. You are actively using your body each time you move and by doing so helping to keep your spine lubricated and muscle tone active as you work.

Very often back pain occurs as a result of inactivity when seated and this why the Swopper ergonomic stool is such a great seating alternative.

You may well find when you start using the Swopper seat that you have some difficulty in sitting in it for any length of time, don't worry this is quite common. This frequently happens and is largely due to incorrect postural positioning over many years where quite simply you back muscles have become flabby or underdeveloped due to lack of use.

Consequently, you may need to re-train your muscles and spine back to health and there is no better way of doing this than regular use of the Swopper. It may well be best to retain your old office seat until you have become fully accustomed to your new seat.

Start by sitting for brief spells to begin with and gradually extend the time as you find you are getting used to this new seating experience. You may even find discomfort to begin with and this is only natural as your body reacts to such a radical change. Do persevere with your Swopper as the resultant benefits will be well worth it.

Here's a brief summary of the points we've discussed.

  • The Swopper is really a dynamic seat that helps build you build a natural healthy posture.
  • It will feel different to begin with and this is to be expected.
  • The spring loaded rotating seat pad moves to the position you want to sit in, not where it thinks you want to sit.
  • The Swopper will help to promote healthy posture and build up your muscles.
  • Begin by sitting for short spells and gradually build up your body's strength until it becomes second nature to sit this way.
  • If you follow the advice here we're sure you will find the Swopper to be an excellent choice of ergonomic office seat.

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