Review of Muvman Stool

muvman seat

Woman Sitting In Muvman Seat

At first sight the Muvman may look a little odd with its forward leaning seat.

And yet as we will see later in this review it's all part of a carefully thought out design which makes the seat a unique sitting experience.

And it's certainly made the right impression with the design fraternity too.

Here are some of the awards it has won:

  • Reddot design award 2011
  • NeoCon 2012 innovation award winner in seating
  • Interior innovation award winner 2011
  • Universal design award 2012

So how will you know if it's right for you?

Who is it for?

Muvman serves as a useful alternative seat for both the office and in the home.

For the office it is great for use with height adjustable desks due to its quick adaptability. It will work well for any raised work surface. This makes it ideal for use at reception desks and counters. It is also good for laboratory and bench use as these tend to be slightly higher than normal.

In the home, obviously it will be good in the office particularly if you have a sit stand desk or even a fixed height standing type desk. However because of its portability it can double up for lots of tasks like:

  • Ironing
  • Kitchen stool
  • Cooking
  • Playing music
  • It really does offer a great deal of flexibility in the way it can be used. Let's look at what sets it apart from other seats.

    What makes it different?

    The first thing most people notice about the Muvman is the way it tilts slightly forwards. This is a carefully thought out function of the seat where the upright is intentionally angled 4 degrees forwards. What this does is places your spine and back in a natural healthy posture discouraging any tendency to slump as you sit.

    Additionally it places your hips and legs in an open forward position which allows better breathing and blood circulation. Your weight is transferred naturally through your legs to your feet due to your perched sitting position. It also ensures your body is at the optimum distance from your work no matter what your physical build or height is.

    The base doesn't have any casters or curved shaping for moving around your workspace. Instead it has a flat base with movement being provided via the springing mechanism built into it. Consequently this allows a good degree of movement when you need to move around your desk top. It also keeps your pelvis moving instead of the usual seized up posture you end up with in a normal office chair. And the base has a protective rubber rim to preserve any delicate floor surfaces like natural wood finishes.

    The seat is cleverly designed with a shaped sloping front edge which adapts as you sit on it to relieve any pressure to your legs. It's upholstered in a microfiber upholstery which adds a little friction so you don't slip as you sit. It's also breathable and designed to keep you cool as you work.

    Let's take a look at the specification of the Muvman variable seat.

    Technical details

    The Muvman comes in a single seat size upholstered in a choice of black, gray, blue or green low pile microfiber upholstery. The base is available in either black or gray.

    There is a choice of two pneumatic gas lifts. The standard one adjusts from an impressive 20'' - 33'' in height and will be fine for most normal raised surface working. The tall option adjusts from 23.50'' - 36'' and will be a good choice for very tall users, especially if working at a height adjustable desk.

    The seat weighs less than 20lbs with the seat pad incorporating a carry handle at the rear making it highly portable for moving it to different work areas.

    Overall opinion

    The muvman is a cleverly thought out design aimed at anyone who needs to sit at a raised work surface. The most obvious application is for sit stand working, nonetheless its versatility means it is great for a host of other uses around the office or home.

    It's very simple to use and the interactive way in which it works makes it a great way of keeping healthy while you sit. The sprung base makes it easy to lean and reach different parts of your work area with its 360 degree of reach.

    Perhaps some may find the lack of a moving base limiting if they have a very large workstation. Others will see this as a benefit as it makes it very stable to sit on. And with its light weight it's pretty easy to move around if necessary.

    Where to buy online

    This site now offers the Muvman in the US and includes free shipping and 30 day return period.