Review of the Humanscale Saddle Seat

Simplicity is the key to the design of the Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat. There are just 3 components to assemble when building up the Saddle Chair. The raised 5 star aluminium base, a pneumatic height adjustment cylinder and the saddle seat pad.

Freedom Saddle Seat

Standard Freedom Saddle

The seat pan has been carefully designed and contoured with a padded triangular shaped seat. This encourages the user to sit as though they were in the saddle posture normally associated with riding a horse.

The saddle seating position is such that it automatically conditions you to adopt a healthy open seating posture. You will find that it is extremely comfortable and versatile as an office seat and you will naturally adapt to its seating position.

Once seated in the Freedom Saddle Seat you need only adjust the height to suit your work position. From there you will find that the saddle's shape will help you to effortlessly adopt an open seating position.

This seating position is much healthier for your body as it helps to lower your thighs. In turn this opens up the angle of your hips and forms your spine into the healthy S curve so vital for keeping your back and spine in good condition.

Freedom Saddle Footring

Freedom Saddle Footring

The other key benefit you will find is the saddle seating position reduces pressure particularly on the backs of your legs.

Once you get used to sitting and working in the seat you will find that you use your legs far more actively. Moving around your desk area is actually quicker and easier than a conventional office chair. This is because you use your feet to scamper to where you want to be. You also gain the added advantage of promoting good blood circulation in your feet and legs.

Arms aren't available on the Humanscale Saddle Seat. This isn't a problem as the seating position doesn't need arms anyway. In fact, one of the beauties of this seat is the ability to get really close into your desk.

It also works very well with height adjustable desks and a good choice for this way of working would be the extra high gas lift with footring.

Freedom Saddle Seat Options And Technical Details

The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat comes in 2 different models, a standard height model and an extended height version with foot-ring, ideal for working at higher surfaces. This makes it very versatile not just for office use, but also for labs, clean-rooms, and height adjustable desks or drawing and layout boards.

The Saddle Seat fitted with a standard cylinder is height adjustable between 17.5'' - 22.75''. Alternatively with a high cylinder it adjusts between 20.5'' - 28.5'' which is handy for raised surfaces.

For use with surfaces over 36'' there is an extra high cylinder with footring. This adjusts between 23'' - 33'' and for safety comes with either locking casters or glide feet.

The Saddle Seat is offered in 3 different body finishes, Titanium, Graphite and Polished Aluminium. There is a very wide range of alternative upholstery for the saddle seat pan.

Popular choices include:

  • Wave, a 4 way stretch patterned textile
  • Sensuede® a high quality and durable synthetic suede material
  • Vellum a blend of Nylon Cordura® and elastic yarn
  • 3 grades of leather all by Spinneybeck

Overall opinion

The Humanscale Freedom saddle seat is a high quality office swivel stool. It's a great choice for anyone who uses a higher work surface. It also works well for anyone requiring easy and quick movement between say their main workstation and other areas such as a layout table.

There is a bit of a learning curve in getting used to the seating position so it may feel a little strange to begin with. However most users will adapt to it pretty quickly.

Where To Buy Online

This site offers great pricing on the Freedom Saddle Seat and free shipping to the US mainland as well as a 30 day return policy.

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