Review Of The HÅG Capisco Chair

The HÅG Capisco range really can be described as a unique office seating product, you won't find anything quite like it in any other ergonomic office seating range.

The height variation adjustment on a HÅG Capisco is far greater than a normal office chair and allows the user to go from a low-seated position to a half-standing position should you wish to.

Capisco Model 8106

Capisco Model 8106

The Capisco is the perfect chair for use with height adjustable workstations or variable height work surfaces.

The range of seating positions is also enormous. You can sit facing forwards in the HÅG Capisco much as you might a conventional office chair.

Alternatively, you can place the chair with the back in front of you. Then sit on it backwards resting your elbows on its uniquely styled back extensions.

And if you feel like a change, why not sit on the chair sideways and rest your arm on the chair back? You will find all these seating variations offered by the Capisco ergonomic office chair to be both comfortable and supportive.

A lot of people still refer to the Capisco as the saddle chair and this is due to the saddle seat pan fitted to the most popular Capisco models. When Peter Opsvik designed the Capisco the concept of the seating position of a horse rider was very much in his mind.

If you think about the position a horse rider adopts in the saddle, in many respects it is the ideal seating position. The body is in a natural open position with the thighs pointing downwards and feet holding them in this natural position via the stirrups. As the rider moves the body moves in a rocking motion actively encouraging good blood circulation and use of the spine and muscles.

When you sit in HÅG Capisco and as you move in it your movements are actually quite similar to a horse rider in a saddle. It provides far healthier seating support than a conventional chair.

HÅG Capisco Ergonomic Chair Models

The most popular model is the Capisco 8106. This chair includes the saddle seat and back support. It can be specified without a back, model 8105, making it more like a stool. However you lose the flexibility the back brings to the chair.

There is also a version with a flat seat, model 8126. This makes the sitting position more like a conventional office chair. This also lacks the flexibility the saddle version offers.

The saddle is the better choice as it places your legs wider apart and encourages a much more active way of sitting. With the flat seat the legs are much closer together and so similar to normal office chairs.

Capisco Model 8126

Capisco Model 8126

Both backrest versions have the option of a headrest. If you like to relax and recline as you work this makes a great add on for the Capisco. The headrest can always be fitted at a future date.

Extra height gas lifts are available for all of the Capisco range, useful if you intend to work consistently at a higher level.

Finishes And Warranty

All Capisco models can be specified with either a black or silver aluminum base. There is a comprehensive choice of upholstery options ranging from fabrics to vinyl and high quality leather.

The chairs carry a 10 year guarantee against defects including textile upholstery. This is based on 9 hours of daily use. Gas lifts have a lifetime warranty.

All HÅG Capisco chairs have the following features:

  • Fully floating seat setting, so the seat follows your movements
  • 3 lockable seating angles
  • Seat depth adjustment for perfect leg comfort
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Tilt tension adjustment to suit the user's weight
  • 5 star aluminum swivel base with molded footrests
  • Adjustment user guide housed in a slot in the seat pan's underside

Overall Opinion

HÅG's Capisco chair remains unique. Although it can take a little time to get used to, users love the comfort and flexibility it provides. It's excellent for working at sit stand desks or any raised work surface.

Some may find its odd looks a bit off putting which is understandable. It really needs to be experienced to truly appreciate its benefits.

Where To Buy Online

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