Review of the Evolution Ball Chair™

Evolution Ball Chair

Evolution Ball Chair In Use

Posture Perfect Solutions' Evolution Ball Chair™ is designed to be suitable for most heights of users weighing up to 300 pounds and opens up the possibility for people who like the idea of a dynamic sitting position making you actively use and strengthen your core muscles automatically.

Officially recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association its popularity isn't just limited to office users as dentists, orthodontists and chiropractors also find its active seating position very beneficial for long term back comfort.

It eliminates the common problem with many office chairs where users unwittingly slump in their chair putting strains and stresses on the spine and associated muscles, resulting in back, shoulder and neck pain.

Evolution Ball Chair

Evolution Ball At Desk

In use it doesn't let you slump as it requires active use of your body's muscles when using it. Often your core muscles will be weak from years of poor sitting posture and for this reason Posture Perfect recommends new users gradually build up their use of the chair over a 4 week period.

Day 1 starts with just 15 minutes use gradually increasing each day until 8 hours use in a day isn't a problem after the first month or so. This makes a lot of sense because dynamic sitting on a ball seat is a different experience and it needs time to build muscle definition as well as getting used to it.

One of the limitations of many Ball Chairs is lack of sufficient height adjustability meaning taller users often are unable to use them. Because of this the chair comes with a set of height adjusters so the base height can be increased by 2 inches allowing people over 6 feet tall to use it comfortably. Further adjustability is managed by the level of ball inflation which will vary to suit user height and weight, it is all pretty simple to set up correctly.

For those who like to keep fit and toned there is an excellent set of some 12 different exercise routines you can do in combination with your Evolution chair™.

Technical Details

  • Base width 20inches x 20 inches
  • Base height adjustable between 8.5 and 10.5 inches
  • Ball height adjustable between 20 and 23 inches
  • Quick and easy movement by 4 independent twin wheel chair casters
  • User weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Burst resistant ball designed to deflate slowly if damaged by puncture

Overall Assessment

Posture Perfect has received positive feedback from professionals on the benefits of its product, many are users of it. Its website also contains a lot of useful information on using the product correctly as well as plenty of good healthy exercises you can do with it. Potential users need to allow for the initial learning curve of active sitting which may take a few weeks.

Where To Buy Online

The Evolution Ball Chair™ can be ordered via the manufacturer's secure online store and is competitively priced at $149 which includes free shipping to most US and Canadian destinations.