Ergon 3 Drafting Chair by Herman Miller

If you spend long hours working at a higher than normal work surface like a drafting board or work bench then the Ergon 3 Drafting Chair is an excellent choice of chair. When you spend long hours in an office chair all day, you need a well designed chair that supports you properly.

Ergon 3 Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Ergon 3 Drafting Chair

Many health problems as well as physical pain and discomfort come because of sitting long hours in a poor chair and traditionally drafting chairs have have been low quality products. Herman Miller known for its high quality chairs, recognized this and the Ergon 3 is a first class product for this type of work.

The Ergon 3 first appeared in 1976 and was something quite different to the then available chairs for working at higher work surfaces. Today, some 30 years later it still sets the standard for this type of seating need.

This highly adjustable, high performance chair is thickly cushioned and started a revolution in the way office seating was designed. So, if you find yourself spending long hours sitting at a high level work surface of any kind you will really appreciate the thought, care and expertise that Herman Miller have put into the design, comfort and functions of this chair.

In addition to the many other great features of this seat, it is also aesthetically pleasing. This ergonomic chair looks great and offers you several finish options in either crepe fabric or leather in a variety of different finish colors.

There are 5 fabric colors that include

  • Licorice
  • Storm
  • Smoke
  • Indigo
  • Claret

Leather options include a very wide choice of 12 different colors

The chair frame is offered in 3 finishes

  • Black Umber
  • Medium Tone
  • Graphite

The Ergon 3 Drafting Chair is a specialist ergonomic chair with all the features you need plus the added bonus of great looks and the comfort that you want. Many years of expertise and testing have gone into the design of this range of chairs to ensure they are absolutely perfect in every way.

Here's why the Ergon 3 Drafting Chair has been such a great option for so many years:

  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Different available sizes
  • High supportive backrest
  • Easy-motion tilt
  • Adjustable support
  • Good visual appeal
  • Safely supports user weight up to 300lbs

The ergonomic design has your health and comfort in mind. The Ergo 3 has thick cushions with deep contours that allow you a comfortable seat. The chair cradles you as you sit, giving you a natural sitting pocket that aligns your body for comfort and health.

It's easy on your arms and legs as it contains soft edges. It is designed to help promote circulation to the legs and the knee-tilt mechanism lets you move naturally between different postures. The adjusting support of this chair ensures you will always get the perfect fit.

The adjusters are easy to use and not bulky, hard or confusing so you won't have any trouble getting the exact adjustment for your chair. All in all the Ergon 3 Drafting Chair is an excellent choice for anyone working at a higher than normal work surface.

We are currently unable to recommend a reliable online source for this stool. Most suppliers seem to have replaced it with the Aeron® Work Stool as an alternative model.