Review Of The Ergo Ball Chair

Dr Riter's Ergo Ball Chair may initially appear to be a bit gimmicky, however the patented Ball Chair has won critical acclaim from the medical profession and proved very popular both with people with back problems as well as those who just want to sit in a healthier posture.

The Ergo Ball Chair won the overall award for the best new furniture invention at the International Inventions Conference in Geneva, and was chosen from a 1,000 entries submitted by 42 countries.

So what makes the Dr Riter Ergo Ball Chair so different from other more typical ergonomic office chairs?

Dr Riter's Ergo Ball Chair

Dr Riter's Ergo Ball Chair

At the heart of the ergonomic Ball Chair is an egg shaped inflatable ball and this forms the seat of the Ball Chair. The egg shaped ball is contained within a tubular steel framework which has a large semi-circular padded armrest at the top. The base of the frame is made from a circular tube into which are fitted 5 conventional office chair castors for mobility.

The Ball Chair is provided with a pump and the user simply inflates the egg shaped ball to suit their individual comfort needs, adding or removing air until the ideal seating position is reached.

To begin with the Ergo Ball Chair can feel a little odd to sit in due to the dynamic nature of the seating position. Effectively, you subtly use your abdominal muscles and legs to reach a balanced position within the chair.

The chair's ergonomic design assists your body to be seated at an open angle thus promoting healthy body posture, improving circulation and reducing pressure on the base of your spine and the backs of your legs.

This open seated position is much healthier than the normal closed 90 angle or less that you typically experience in a conventional office chair. The Ergo Ball Chair encourages you to be actively in control of your seating position and without you being aware places your body into a natural healthy sitting posture.

The chair's design ensures that your spine's natural curvature is maintained and so minimizes pressure on the discs in your lower spine. You will probably feel more alert and active when you use an Ergo Ball Chair on a regular basis. You should also notice an improvement with any problems you may have with neck and shoulder pain.

Ergo Ball Chair Dimensions And Technical Information

The overall height of the chair from floor level to the top of the semi-circular arm is 28'', with a gap of 23'' between the open ends of the armrests.

The seating position is controlled by the user's inflation or deflation of the ball and generally speaking the adjustability ranges between about 18'' - 24''.

The weight carrying capacity if the Dr Riter's Ergo Ball Chair far exceeds any other office task chair and is designed to support up to 1400 lbs. this is 5 to 6 times the rating of a standard office swivel chair.

The Ergo Ball Chair is also supplied with an exercise manual as it features the ability to remove the ball from the chair's frame for use in stretching and exercise routines.

The Ergo is an ideal alternative for anyone who spends extended hours sitting at computer desks. It should bring significant benefits to the user in relieving pain caused by poor postural positioning. Its active seating position is beneficial for this type of work whether in the office or at home.

Where To Buy Online

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