Review Of The HÅG Capisco Puls Chair

Capisco Puls in blue

Capisco Puls Chair In Blue

The original Capisco chair has been part of the HÅG range since 1984 and even today there is nothing quite like it. Its unique style and sitting comfort has made it a highly popular choice for anyone needing to sit at higher than normal work surfaces.

Fast forward to 2012 and Capisco creator Peter Opsvik has given the chair a makeover and called it the Puls. It makes use of user friendly polyurethane instead of the traditional foam and upholstery used in the original chair. These changes have enabled HÅG to shave nearly 17% off the price which will help make it a more affordable option.

Not only that it's more eco friendly with 24% of the parts being made from recycled materials as well as 95% of the components being recyclable.

Nonetheless the actual heart of the chair is built around the same components as the original chair. So it retains all it's originality and unique features.

Who will the Puls work well for?

Like the original the Puls is a great seat for anyone who works at a raised work surface. It makes an excellent seat for use with adjustable height desks due to its wide ranging height adjustability.

Users can rapidly go from a sitting position to a half standing or perching position. Half standing is a popular way of working favored by many sit stand desk users. Most find they are able to work this way for long periods.

Let's look at how else it differs from the original Capisco.

What's different about the Puls?

Even though the mechanics of the chair are the same as the earlier model it's in the seat and back where the changes have taken place.

Capisco Puls Green

Reclining In Capisco Puls

Instead of traditional fabric upholstery with a foam core the Puls makes extensive use of molded polyurethane. Its seat is still shaped like a saddle and also has a foam infill to provide good sitting comfort.

The saddle is slightly narrower than the old chair which many will find more comfortable. It still provides the advantage of placing your legs at a wider angle compared to an ordinary office chair. As a result you feel better anchored which is important when working at higher levels.

Additionally, it places your body at a much more open angle. This helps promote good circulation. Additionally muscles don't tend to tire as it's a much more active way of sitting.

The chair back is also molded and builds in the unusual side extensions. Although these aren't chair arms as such they are great for resting elbows on when relaxing in the chair. And like the earlier model is designed to be used back to front or for sitting on sideways if you choose to. There really are many different ways to use this chair.

Technical specification

The Puls comes as standard with molded polyurethane seat and back, with a foam inlay on the seat for additional comfort. There is also an upholstered seat option for those who like a well cushioned seat.

It's available with 3 different gas lift options making it possible to go down to 15.13 inches with a low (150mm) gas lift up to 31.88 inches with the high (265mm) gas lift. For sit stand work the high lift is the best option and lets you adjust the height between 21.50 inches and 31.88 inches.

An optional footring can also be specified.

Another optional add on is the step up. This is a raised platform fitted at the base of the chair. This doubles up as a step and also somewhere to rest your feet on. It's fixed via an arm onto the central stem of the chair and is easy to move in and out of position as the front has a pair of casters.

These are the standard adjustments on the Puls

  • Seat depth adjustment for optimal leg comfort
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Tilt tension adjuster to match the user's weight
  • Fully floating seat angle to encourage movement, it moves as you move
  • 3 lockable seat angles (not recommended)
  • 5 star base in black or light blue nylon or black or silver aluminum all with molded footrests
  • Adjustment user guide housed in a slot in the seat pan's underside

Overall opinion

The Puls is a welcome addition to the Capisco range. By using polyurethane for the seat and back materials it makes it more eco friendly with 24% made from recycled materials as well as 95% of the components being recyclable. And this change of materials means it costs around 16% less than the original model without any loss of quality or functionality.

Despite its futuristic look it makes a great chair for working at higher work surfaces especially height adjustable desks.

It can take a little time to get used to sitting in a saddle seat so expect some challenges to start with. One of the limitations of the Puls is you can't fit a headrest to it, however this would only be a problem if you like to recline a lot and need head support. Once you become familiar with sitting in a saddle seat using a conventional office chair can often feel restrictive.

Where To Buy Online

This online HÅG specialist has excellent pricing on the Capisco Puls and is taking orders for the planned May launch. It also includes free ground shipping as well as a 30 day return policy.