Review of the Bambach Saddle Seat

Bambach Saddle Seat

Standard Bambach Saddle

The Bambach saddle seat is a unique design based closely on a horse saddle. At first glance it looks quite odd, it's only when you sit in it that you begin to appreciate its advantages. With conventional seating your muscles often become inactive and you end up slouching.

Due to the healthy posture the Bambach places you in it's actually very difficult to slouch in it because you have to use your muscles.

It will take time to get used to sitting in the Bambach because many muscles will have been inactive for years. Unlike normal chairs where slouching is the norm it lets you sit naturally upright.

It's just like sitting on a horse and this is how it has been designed to work except your feet are on the floor rather than in stirrups. The design allows you to sit naturally on your sit bones, automatically placing your body in a healthy position as well as relieving pressure on the crotch.

Here are the benefits you will gain

  • Improves posture
  • Better muscle tone
  • Enhances circulation
  • Correct breathing
  • Eases back pain

So, let's move on and consider who might benefit from this saddle seat.

Who is it for?

Many different kinds of users will find advantages with the Bambach saddle seat.

It's very popular in the medical profession with people like dentists, surgeons, podiatrists, massage therapists and physiotherapists. This is because it's extremely stable and naturally supportive for those who have to work either sitting or standing whilst using their hands.

In fact it's great for a very wide range of users. Designers, architects, drafting layout technicians and office workers will love the support and easy movement the Bambach gives around their work area.

It's also excellent for domestic use too, so musicians, craft workers, home office users, cooking and even watching TV.

It works well for anyone working at a raised work surface or a height adjustable desk too.

All in all this saddle seat has a very broad appeal. Let's next look at what makes it different.

How it works

The core of the Bambach is built around its saddle seat. This has been designed to have similar features to a conventional horse saddle. As a result sitting in it is very similar to the posture horse riders adopt.

The saddle shape places your legs at a much wider distance apart than when using a normal chair. Although this can feel a little strange to begin with what you will notice straight away is how stable and supportive it is.

One of the great benefits of this saddle seat is the ability to not only adjust the seat height but also the seat angle as well. This makes it simple for individual users to fine tune the seat to suit their personal comfort levels.

You will probably want to experiment with things to begin with to find your ideal settings. However once you have the seat angle and height set to your requirements you shouldn't need to alter any settings in the future.

It's time to turn to the technical details next.

Technical specification

The most popular Bambach is the standard or medium model which will cater for anyone between 5' 1" and 6' 1."

Bambach Saddle With Back

Bambach Saddle With Back

The large model is intended for very tall people and can work out better for some heavier framed users. There are a couple of other specialist models the small which is intended for children, and the narrow which works well for those with tight hip flexor muscles.

The difference between the models is in the the seat styling and shape. However the standard/medium version will be fine for the vast majority of users.

There is an optional model with a backrest, this can only be fitted at time of ordering. The back is both height and depth adjustable. However, because the seat places you naturally in a healthy posture a backrest isn't vital in the same way it is on an office chair.

Seat height is adjustable by a paddle lever on the right underside of the chair.

However if you need to alter the height of your seat without using your hands the surgeon's foot control will be ideal.

Surgeon's Foot Support

Surgeon's Foot Support

This useful add on has been specifically designed for the medical industry where sterile conditions are important. It allows the user to control the seat height with their feet.

Located underneath the 5 star base, by applying pressure with your foot it's easy to alter the seat height instead of by the hand operated lever.

There are no conventional chair arms for the Bambach, instead what is offered is a body support arm.

It is designed to be more of a rest where the user can place an elbow to steady their arm. You can also rest your body against it if you want to.

It fits to the main body of the gas lift and can be either locked in place or moved out of the way. This can be retro fitted, although it is a bit tricky to do. You can't fit the arm on the backrest model.

An optional chrome foot ring is available if required, however it's not possible to have a surgeon's foot control if a foot ring is fitted.

Warranty and finishes

The Bambach carries a 5 year warranty on all parts. There are 3 choices of upholstery with a huge range of colors.

  • Naugha Soft durable faux leather in 22 different colors
  • Spirit Millenium surgical vinyl in 84 colors
  • Open House polyester fabric in 29 colors

Quick ship finishes on the standard/medium model are from the Naugha Soft range in Black Satin, Cocoa (dark cream), Deep Sapphire (dark blue) and Feather (light grey).

The standard 5 star base is black nylon with an optional polished aluminum version available at extra cost if preferred.

Overall opinion

The Bambach saddle seat is a solidly built, well designed chair. It helps to keep your body in a naturally healthy posture making slouching a thing of the past.

Nonetheless it does take some getting used to as it is a radically different way of working, so expect to have to persevere with it to begin with. Typically horse riders take to it very quickly as in practice it is a similar experience to the sitting position adopted when riding.

Where to buy online

This online specialist carries the Bambach standard/medium model for quick delivery with free shipping and 30 day return period. The rest of the range is available to order.