Review Of The Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair By FitBALL

These days more and more people are looking for ways to find a comfortable and healthy seating position at work and the Fitball Ergonomic Ball Chair could well fit the bill for you.

Ball Dynamics FitBALL Chair

Ball Dynamics FitBALL Chair

In this review of the FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair we'll begin by looking at how the chair came into being.

Next, we'll consider the best way to use the use the FitBALL Chair and why it works so well to maintain your body's posture and wellbeing.

From there we'll take a look at the set up, adjustability options and dimensions, finally we'll conclude with ideas on where you might use a FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair and things you need to be aware of.

So, how did the Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair come about?

The chair is actually the brainchild of physical therapist Joanne Posner-Mayer, she practiced in Switzerland in the late 1970's and was impressed with the concept of Swiss Ball therapy which was finding favor with therapists there.

In 1990 she started Ball Dynamics as a means of obtaining top quality physio-balls for her clients. FitBALL followed in 1993 and the FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair was a natural progression of the physio-ball concept.

There's no doubt that these high quality inflatable balls are perfect for the idea of dynamic seating as the user has to actively use their body to sit on the chair. Some people even suggest you use the ball without the chair frame to train you how to sit in the FitBALL Ergonomic Chair correctly. If you have the time this isn't a bad idea as you really have to concentrate on how you are sitting, but it's not essential.

To begin with you should pump your ball chair up to suit your height and when correctly inflated you should be well centered on the ball with your knees set to the same width as your shoulders.

Your feet should be placed firmly on the floor with your hips pointing downwards to promote a healthy, dynamic open seating position.

It will take some getting used to as your seating position will feel a little unstable but that's good as it makes you use your muscles actively and cuts out some of the problems associated with poor circulation and muscle tiredness.

Setting Up And Adjusting The Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair

When it comes to setting up the FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair it's all very simple with just 3 parts - the chair frame, the ball and the pump.

Let's begin with the frame, it is circular with 5 legs with castors that can be adjusted to 3 choices of setting.

To the rear is the back support which you can adjust to suit your own needs. The frame is strong and sturdy made from welded tubular steel and finished in a black paint finish with a grey fleck.

The burst resistant ball is inflated with the pump provided to your desired requirements. Depending on the heel height of your shoes you may need to adjust the ball inflation accordingly.

Dimensions & Technical Information

The Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair frame is designed to take a 55 cm (20.63'') or 65 cm (25.60'') diameter ball, depending on your height. The overall height of the chair can be adjusted up to about 56 cm (22'')

The burst resistant ball is provided in black, pearl or silver with the latter generally being the most popular choice.

The chair is designed for use by people weighing up to 220 lbs and so has a similar capacity to a standard office chair.

Where Should You Use The Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair?

The FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair is an ideal ergonomic chair to use when working at your desk or computer.

To begin with you'll want to use the chair in short stints to get used to the dynamic seating position.

In fact, once you have got used to it you may well find that it's best to alternate between the FitBALL Ergonomic Ball Chair and a normal office seat as the variation of seating position will be good for you.

If you have a history of back pain or injuries it's probably best to check with your medical specialist to confirm that the FitBALL Chair will be OK for you.

The ball is designed to be removable for separate use as an exercise aid and in fact Ball Dynamics have produced a book ''Working On The Ball: A Simple Guide To Office Fitness'' which has some great exercise routines to try out.

In conclusion then, the Ball Dynamics Ergonomic Ball Chair is a quality product that could well be a very useful chair to keep your body healthy and active.

Where To Buy Online

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