BalanceBall Chair by Gaiam

The BalanceBall Chair from Gaiam is aimed at users looking for a more comfortable, healthy and interactive way of sitting in the office.

BalanceBall Ergonomic Chair

BalanceBall Ergonomic Chair

It is ideal for people below average to average height as it is specifically designed for users between 5 feet and 5 feet 11 inches weighing up to 300 lbs, but not outside these parameters. Users simply inflate the ball to suit their own particular needs

Gaiam developed the BalanceBall Chair with the help of Dr Randy Weinzoff, an expert in chiropractic care.

At the heart of the product is a fairly conventional exercise ball around which has been designed a framework for converting it into an office chair.

The idea of the chair is that it is not just a seat but also encourages you to use it as a means of building core muscle strength as well as maintaining good postural alignment. The ball acts rather like a shock absorber and let's you ease your body into a healthy, ergonomic posture.

It is supplied with an instruction book that details 15 exercises you can do at your desk to relieve stress during the day.

And if you are really conscientious the ball can be readily removed from the chair frame and used to perform a range of muscle building and toning exercises in the confines of your office.

Let's take a look at the chair in more detail.

Chair specification and dimensions

The BalanceBall Chair comes in kit form, but is pretty straightforward to assemble from the parts which include

  • Chair base
  • Chair back
  • Casters
  • Ball and pump
  • Front retaining bar
  • Instruction guide

The casters push fit into holes in the chair base and the back locks into the base, the ball is then inflated using the pump provided and the level of inflation will depend on the users height and weight. Initially, it may not be possible to fully inflate the ball as it needs to stretch to adjust to its new shape, but after a couple of hours, full inflation can be completed.

The chair measures 21 inches wide by 31 inches high (top of back) by 22 inches deep and only weighs 13 lbs. The casters supplied include 2 standard and 2 locking ones, and the locking casters should be fitted to the rear of the chair. The locking casters are intended for use when doing exercise routines.

The ball will be about 20 inches in diameter when fully inflated and can safely support users up to 300 lbs weight.


So, is a BalanceBall Chair a good choice for a ball chair? Well on the plus side most people seem to find it very comfortable and it's undoubtedly competitively priced when compared with most office chairs.

On the other hand common complaints include that the back rest isn't comfortable, and the lack of height adjustment other than by inflating or deflating the ball particularly for taller users.

Also, some say that it takes some getting used to but is worth persevering, as once your muscles adjust and re-tone to it the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort.

Where To Buy Online

The BalanceBall Chair is available from this site including free shipping to the US mainland.