Review Of Neutral Posture 5000 Series Seating

The 5000 series of office chairs from Neutral Posture is the first of three in one of its most popular model ranges, the others being its 6000 and 8000 series.

Who Will The 5000 Series Be Most Suitable For?


Neutral Posture 5300 Chair

This range is best suited for both male and female users who are between 4 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing between 90 and 275 pounds and who are happy with a mid sized chair back. The range is also popular with slim built female users up to 6 foot 2 inches tall too.

Taller and or heavier people should look to either the 6000 or 8000 series where they will find they are better catered for.

This range comprises 6 different versions which are all built around a common footprint with variations being predominantly in seat size designed to suit different user's needs as well as some small differences in adjustment dimensions.

In keeping with Neutral Posture's views all models have a high degree of adjustability which may seem a little daunting to begin with however a series of explanatory videos serve to show how to best set up the chair for your exact needs.

Additionally the right hand armrest conceals a pull out guide which summarizes the chair's adjustments in case you need to fine tune individual settings later.

With all the different options things can get a little confusing and the offering of two different chair mechanisms doesn't help, fortunately the multi-function is the obvious choice.

This mechanism is the best choice as it includes sliding seat depth adjustment to allow perfect leg positioning in the chair. The reason for this is it includes sliding seat depth adjustment to allow perfect leg positioning in the chair, whereas the knee tilt has a fixed depth and is consequently less flexible and is probably best avoided.

Technical Details And Features

All models have the following standard features:

  • Sliding seat depth for perfect leg length adjustment (multi-function mech)
  • Forward Tilt-stop allows override of chair's forward incline function (multi-function mech)
  • Tilt tension adjustment to set seat to individual user's weight
  • Floating or fixed seat angle for maximum comfort in use
  • Back height and angle adjustment enabling proper back and spine support
  • Inflatable lumbar support to fine tune lower back comfort
  • 6 individual seat sizes allowing users to match their body size for ideal comfort
  • Height and width adjustable arms for perfect arm support
  • 360° swivel arm support for proper arm comfort whatever the task
  • Upholstered chair back face with durable plastic outer shell

There is also a range of optional extras which include:

  • Gel padded and or oversized arm supports, fold down arms for close up work (swing)
  • Thoracic back support for additional spine support
  • Fring™ clip on foot support for foot massage of tired feet
  • NeXtep® step up for ease of use with higher seat stool versions
  • Upholstery to outer face of chair back
  • Polished and brushed aluminum chair bases
  • Hard floor casters as well as brake and chrome versions
  • 6 different lengths of pneumatic gas lift

As can be seen from the wide range of options available the 5000 series offers a huge range of ways to tailor a chair to your exact requirements.And in case you are unsure about all the options I have made some short videos simplifying the available choices.


5000 series chairs are covered by a lifetime single shift warranty and this is based on 8 hours daily use 5 days a week. What this actually covers is the chairs components for a period of 10 years, with the exception of the fabric upholstery which is covered for 3 years and the inflatable lumbar which has 5 years cover.

Overall Assessment

Overall Neutral Posture's 5000 series is a well built product with a high degree of adjustability, intended for smaller users and will enable those who take the time to set it up properly to achieve excellent working comfort. People who don't like having to make a lot of initial adjustments may find they are happier with one of the self adjusting chairs offered by a number of manufacturers these days, although these might lack the fine tuning which can be achieved with a chair like the 5000.

The chair is supplied unassembled which some people may find a bit of a bugbear, fortunately it is actually pretty easy to assemble with clear instructions, a video of what to do and no need for any tools.

Whilst these chairs aren't cheap when you consider that they should last for 10 years or more their overall cost over their expected life cycle represents excellent value.

Where To Buy Online

This online seating specialist carries the full 5000 range and offers very competitive pricing which also includes free shipping.