Neutral Posture Makes Office Chairs Fitting Pretty Well Anyone

Neutral Posture may be only 20 years old nonetheless during this time it has built an enviable reputation in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of top quality ergonomic office chairs.

Its large product range can be a little daunting at first, so here's a quick overview of the most popular products, what they offer and for whom each product will be best suited.

5000, 6000, 8000 Series

The series is broadly based on a number of common features as well as some only found on one of the particular ranges, for example the same seat sizes and styles are offered on all models.

And these are far more wide ranging than normal not only are there 3 different seat sizes they also come in moderate and deep contouring options on the largest seat size as well. The principle difference between each series is in the style of chair back each range having its own particular shape.

The 5000 series has a single mid back option and will mostly be best suited to smaller users or those who prefer a smaller backed chair. The 6000 series has a high back with an optional headrest and tends to be best for broader backed larger users. The 8000 series also has a high back which has a more sculpted lateral wrap round and is the most popular of the three models. All backs include an inbuilt inflatable lumbar support for inidvidual lower back support comfort.

Big & Tall Series

The Big and Tall series is an excellent choice for well built and very tall users and caters for users weighing up to 500 pounds and or up to 7 foot tall, it is built to a high standard and has 24/7 continuous shift warranty.

eXtra sMall Range

At the other end of the spectrum is the eXtra sMall range (XSM series), specifically designed for smaller users so often neglected by the majority of chair manufacturers, so if you're 5 foot or under and fed up of sitting in what feels like a boat this could be a welcome solution.

N.dure Series

The N.dure series as the name suggests is specifically intended for 24/7 intensive use for people weighing up to 350 pounds and will be ideally suited to control room and shift work use where the seating really needs to be able to cope with continual use.

Specialist Seating & Accessories

As well as the above popular ranges, there are further models including a wide range of specialist stools for use in manufacturing, laboratory and clean room environments. The company is also involved in sit stand desking and has a range of height adjustable desking and complimentary accessories which it promotes as a healthier alternative to traditional desks and chairs.

Neutral Posture is possibly not as well known as some office chair manufacturers as it is most active in corporate and government markets. Probably more than any other chair producer it sets out to offer seating fitting over 90% of the population.

It is particularly good at helping people at both ends of the size spectrum so whether you are petite built or big and tall you will find seating which comes with the widest range of adjustments catering for those who just aren't able to find comfort in the average office chair.

Background On Neutral Posture

The company's name is based on research by Dr Jerome J Congleton into the preferred posture adopted by astronauts in a zero gravity environment called neutral posture. His findings show when people are sitting they should do so with a neutral posture where the spine's vertebrae are properly spaced which in turn leads to balanced muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Mother and daughter team of Jaye Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk have developed their range of chairs to offer users the widest range of adjustments available to allow them to tailor their chair's settings for maximum comfort, support and active ergonomics. They believe the trend for self adjusting or passive ergonomics in office chair design lacks flexibility and tends to only cater for average size users.

Neutral Posture takes the environment seriously and claims 95% of their chairs are made from recyclable materials.

Here's where you will find more detailed reviews of some of the individual products.

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