Review Of The Jobri BetterPosture Classic Kneeling Chair

The Jobri BetterPosture Classic Kneeling Chair (previously known as the Wood Accent) is the top model in the Jobri Kneeling Seat range and is built on a wooden frame to offer a more up-market and executive look and feel.

BetterPosture Classic Kneeling Chair

Classic Kneeling Chair

It has a different frame design to the other models Jobri Kneeling Chairs but is probably most like the Standard version.

Essentially, the main body of the knee seat's frame is made up from 2 timber sections, the seat support section which has a large elongated slot cut vertically in it and this allows the knee support section to pass through it. The two are then secured right the way through their width with a long pivot pin which forms an X shaped frame and allows the two sections to be hinged together.

Like the Standard Jobri, height adjustment of the BetterPosture Classic kneeling chair is carried out by means of a sloping vertical height adjustment support that is secured to the seat pad support with another long pivot pin, which is in turn secured at its base onto the knee pad support.

Built into the height adjuster support is an adjusting wheel which if rotated anti-clockwise increases the height of the Classic Kneeling Chair, turning it clockwise reduces the seat height.

Classic Adjustment

Adjusting Classic Knee Chair

Every Kneeling Seat comes with detailed instructions on how to assemble it correctly and being of a wood construction it is essential that all the parts are properly and securely fixed to avoid any damage to the Kneeling Chair or its user.

Assembly of the Jobri Classic really is no more difficult than any other form of flat pack type furniture, but obviously a little more care is needed than the Jobri steel framed models which have ready welded frames.

This ergonomic Kneeling Chair is intended for static rather than dynamic use. What this means is that the user adjusts the Kneeling Seat to suit their height and once in the kneeling position in the chair tend to remain largely static in that posture. Once you get used to it, this isn't that difficult to achieve and within a couple of weeks you should be quite comfortable in your new kneeling posture.

Like the majority of Jobri models the Classic only comes with standard black upholstery over 2'' supportive polyurethane foam pads for both the seat and knee pads, which are 16''and 18'' wide respectively. It is height adjustable between 25''- 29''.

Recent user reviews of this product complain about wheels and fixings working loose and having to be re-tightened so if you are thinking of buying this product you should bear this in mind. A possible solution might be to use Loctite® when assembling the fixings preventing them from working loose.

Where To Buy Online

You can find keen pricing at this online store for the Jobri Classic which also includes free ground shipping.