Review of the Wing™ Balans® Kneeling Chair

Wing Balans

Wing™ Balans® Chair

If you find working in a standard office chair uncomfortable or inflexible Varier's Wing™ Balans® could well offer a suitable alternative. It's popular with architects, designers and artists. Or anyone having to work at a higher than normal work surface up to 36 inches high.

It makes a good choice for L shaped and corner workstations as the swivel base allows quick and easy movement around the workspace area.

As with many kneeling seats one of the main attractions is the ease with which the user can vary seating positions. This is a good thing because active sitting is far healthier than static sitting. It helps to keep muscles active and blood circulating, promoting a more alert and energized way of working.

Something you will notice straight away when you sit in it is a certain amount of springiness making it more comfortable than a rigid kneeling chair. This is made possible by a rubber flexor connection at the seat to gas lift junction. It creates a damper effect resulting in increased comfort.

There are just so many variations in sitting position with a seat like this.

Here are a few of the ways you can sit in it.

  • Sitting kneeling upright - the commonest kneeling position
  • Sitting on the seat pad legs forward and feet squarely on the floor
  • Sitting on leg cushions (knee pads) and resting arms on the seat pad
  • Sitting one foot on floor and the other foot on leg cushion
  • Sitting one foot on floor and resting the other knee on leg cushion

So whatever mood takes you simply sit in the chair in a posture you find comfortable and supportive. It's really a lot of fun using one.

Wing Balans

Sitting on Leg Cushion

By making these variations of movement you are helping to keep your body actively toned. This ensures muscles don't tire and stiffen and the open sitting angle is much healthier than a rigid 90 angle.

All this helps to promote good circulation and enhance breathing. It allows back and abdominal muscles to work as they should by providing good posture and spinal support.

A handy feature on this model is the adjustable leg cushion (knee pad) helping users gain the optimal setting for their leg length. Using it in conjunction with the seat height adjustment all helps to gain greater user comfort. Its wheeled base offers easy movement around the workstation or work table too.

Technical Information, Dimensions And Warranty

The rectangular seat pad is generously proportioned and height adjustable between 19.3 inches and 27.2 inches.

Wing Balans

Wing™ Side View

Some may find this a little high when using it with a standard 29.5 inch high desk. It is worth setting the workstation's leveling feet to their maximum to help counter this. The seat also works very well for height adjustable desks and higher work surfaces up to 36 inches.

The leg cushion (knee pad) is one piece and is height adjustable between 20.5 and 23.2 inches. It also includes a depth slider adjuster making it simple to fine-tune for a widely differing range of user heights and sizes. This makes it easy to gain good work surface positioning and overall comfort.

The chair is supported on either an eco-friendly recycled plastic base or a high quality timber 5 star swivel base being 28.7 inches wide overall.

Wing Base

Wing™ Plastic Base

All timber components are harvested from highly sustainable forests and the finish options are natural lacquered, black or mocca stained Beech.

The standard fabric is from the durable Crusvik range with a greater choice of finishes including leather if desired.

The wooden parts carry a 7 year warranty with 5 years on mechanical parts and 3 years on foams and upholstery.

Overall Assessment

Varier's Wing™ Balans® kneeling chair is a fine quality product built to a high standard, it has been carefully designed with user comfort in mind. Attention to detail like the rubber flexor connection between the seat and pneumatic seat height adjustment post helps to take away any harshness when sitting. These little things help the user to enjoy a comfortable cushioned sitting experience.

The only slight negative is that some people may find the working height range a little high when using it with a standard height desk. Although as mentioned above by adjusting the desk's leveling feet higher (where fitted) should help minimize any major issues.

Where To Buy Online

If you would like to find out more about the Wing Balans this online store offers a great price which includes free shipping to the US mainland.