Review of the Variable Balans Kneeling Chair

Variable Balans

Variable Balans Chair

People who find conventional office chairs give them back pain and discomfort will often turn to a kneeling chair as an alternative in their quest to find a pain free work seat .

The Variable Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is the original kneeling chair introduced at the end of the 1970s.

Previously produced by Stokke and now made by Variér. The name Variable conveys the intentions of its creator Peter Opsvik who strived to design a way of sitting allowing us to vary our seating position as frequently as we feel the need to.

The beauty of the Variable Balans is the body's movement gives users complete control over the way they sit , allowing a huge variety of sitting positions.

Here are 6 of the most popular sitting positions:

  • Seated kneeling upright – the classic kneeling sit position
  • Sitting on the seat, legs outstretched and feet on the floor
  • Seated kneeling leaning forwards and resting arms on desktop
  • Sitting feet on floor with knee rests behind you
  • Sitting one leg on floor and the other knee on the shin pad
  • Sitting one leg on floor and the other foot on the shin pad

Hopefully, you are beginning to see just how different sitting in a Variable Balans Kneeling Chair is. It allows people to sit exactly how the mood takes them and as the chair is so light it's really simple to move around.

Variable Balans

Variable Balans At Piano

There is an additional benefit with adopting some of these sitting variations. it is it is an excellent way to keep the body active and healthy, relieving any pressure build up on areas like the thighs or shins.

Variable Balans with back

Variable Balans With Back

Whatever seating position the user takes up generally the angle formed at the hip joint will be open and greater than 90 degrees. This helps to encourage the use of your back and abdominal muscles to properly support the spine. There is also the added advantage of better breathing control and blood circulation too.

It is extremely flexible and with the addition of extension blocks smaller framed adults and children are catered for too. The extension pieces reduce the distance between the seat and leg cushions to accommodate smaller frame sizes.

If it is likely you will be working for extended periods in a seated position choose the backrest model which allows you to recline and relax when you feel the need to unwind for a few moments.

Technical Information, Dimensions and Warranty

The seat comes in a single size in two choices backless or with backrest. It is constructed from a high quality formed natural wood frame, finished in natural, mocca or black produced from sustainable sources. It is strong, weighs just 13 pounds and is highly portable. As well as using it in a home office, it is often ideal as a dining room chair. You could even watch TV sitting in one, which is a lot healthier than slouching in a sofa.

The knee chair is available in a wide range of fabrics as well as leather upholstery. For quick shipping there is a choice of 5 fabric colors, Black, Gray, Green, Blue and Red from its popular Crusvik range.

It measures 20 inches high by 28.35 inches long by 20.50 inches wide. The wooden frame structure is covered by a 7 year warranty with the mechanical parts having 5 years warranty and upholstery and foam covered for 3 years.

For use on wooden floors it is recommended optional soft tape protectors are fitted to the underside of the chair runners to avoid the chance of damage.

Where To Buy Online

If you like the thought of having a Variable Balans this online store offers a great price which includes free shipping to the US mainland.